The Baby Slaughter Mandate Is NOT a BINARY Question – It Is TERNARY

Every article or statement from Catholics I have seen regarding this contraception mandate frames the possible response as binary: either pay the fines or shut down. Uh, excuse me, but this is a TERNARY question.

Q: The Obama regime commands that pay for contraception, sterilization and abortion. What do you do?

Answer 1: Pay the fines.

This answer is INCORRECT. If this is the road you choose, then you will hand a total victory to satan. The revenue from the fines will a.) be crippling and will put you out of business anyway and b.) will be used to slaughter children through the satanic Obama regime, thus resulting in you bending your knee to satan and his instrument of evil, the Obama regime. These fines are directly analogous to the “jizya tax” of submission in islam – yet another commonality between the satanic political systems of islam and Marxism.

Answer 2: Shut down the business in question.

This answer is ALSO INCORRECT. Once again, if this is the road you choose, then you will hand a total victory to satan. In the case of hospitals and charities, this is exactly what the satanic Obama regime wants. They want to have totalitarian control of all health care so that they can control who lives and who dies, and use access to healthcare as a means of coercing loyalty to the regime. Additionally, this option gives the Obama regime a massive propaganda victory, allowing them to claim that the Church refuses to help the sick.

Answer 3: Refuse to pay any fines OR to shut down, and force the regime to engage in physical violence, imprisonment and even assassinations or executions in order to shut down and seize non-compliant institutions.

THIS IS THE CORRECT ANSWER. This is the entire point of the Gospel and all of Salvation History. You will worship God first and only. It’s called the First Commandment. You will render unto God that which is God’s, which is everything you have and everything you are.  You must TAKE UP YOUR CROSS in order to be a true disciple of Christ. You must be willing to LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE and ALL WORLDLY TREASURE in order to have treasure in heaven. You must NOT BE AFRAID. You cannot win this battle if you refuse to stand and fight an offensive battle. If all you do is retreat, capitulate and surrender, you are absolutely, positively guaranteed defeat. The only tactically sound, logically sound and theologically sound response to the Obama regime is total non-compliance and holding the line. No retreat. No retrenchment. Not one inch.  Go on offense, lean into it, and take control of the battlespace.

It is no coincidence that the battle cry against islam is exactly the same battle cry against Marxism and the Obama regime: I WILL NOT SUBMIT (“Lan Astaslem” in Arabic.)


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.