A Lovely Letter from an Ex-Financial Planner

Dear Ann,

Today I sent you a gift to keep you living in style in your van down by the river.  {Indeed!  I am blessed beyond measure.  And “style” isn’t measured in square footage, kids.  It is measured in love, laughter, shared meals, great conversation and the warmth of dear friends and family.  Oh, and also in beautiful Masses/Divine Liturgies, and frequent reception of the Sacraments.}  The gift doesn’t truly reflect my gratitude for what impact you have had in my life.  At the end of 2012, I retired from my 30 year career in the financial planning industry.  Your letter stating why you were closing your business was my inspiration.

I was drinking the industry kool-aid until the 2008 crash.  My views of the market (if you want to call them markets) began to change.  I spent the next 3 years trying to change my planning techniques to address my future concerns.  Also, I worked as a Arbitrator for FINRA for 12 years.  I sat on cases where we issued harsh penalties for small transgressions; yet, Corzine and the Banksters were stealing $Billions.

Nothing made sense.  I looked at every option, but never considered your choice.  I was in my 50s and my plan was to be a financial planner for as long as a could mentally and physically perform the job.  {That’s what I expected for myself, too.  In fact, at 35, I was in my prime and arguably just getting “warmed up”.}  I really enjoyed what I was doing.  Again, nothing made sense.

Finally, on a Sunday morning in December, 2011, my wife and I were sitting at our dining room table reading the paper and surfing the net.  I came across your article.  I sat there with my mouth open and handed the IPAD to my wife to read your article.  My wife told me the person in the article was me.  I decided that moment I would leave the industry forever.

Currently, my life is much more enjoyable and simpler. I have you to thank for my joy.  And as we all have experienced, when we put our life in the hands of the Lord, tremendous opportunities are revealed.  {Preach on, Brother.}  I have ZERO regrets for leaving the industry and I move forward looking forward to new challenges and opportunities that await me.

God bless you Ann, and may He keep you safe to continue His work.  {I pray for all of my benefactors every day, and at least one Mass is offered for you per month.  God bless you!  I will continue to do what I can, knowing that I probably won’t affect a macro-level paradigm shift, but trust in God that He will affect individual results like yours in accord with the Divine Providence.  The fact that I may be in any way attached to that is both humbling and intimidating.  Your continued prayers are most gratefully appreciated.}




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