Faraday Cages and Friday Sammiches

1.  Yes, I have not forgotten about the whole Podcast thing.  I got derailed when my computer pooped out.  I promise that I will scream at the internet again soon.  It is the oddest thing, but now that I live in a Van Down By the River, I entertain more than I ever have in my life.  Back in the day I had a HUGE house and only had people over a handful of times.  Now it’s a steady stream – and it’s GREAT.  It is such a pleasure to entertain.  I’m telling you guys, DON’T FEAR LIFE IN A PROVERBIAL VAN.  It is great fun.

2.  With regards to the static interference in the podcasts, thanks to one and all who explained what it was.  It turns out it is interference from CB radios, which are certainly from police cars and ambulances that might pass by the general vicinity of the Van, and not mind control beams from the shape-shifting lizard-Jooos.  🙂  Alas, I cannot establish a Faraday Cage as recommended, but we will all survive.

3.  I try to only eat one meal per day, and thus go for the yum-yum.  Yesterday, in keeping with Friday abstinence, was a smoked salmon sammich.  Take a baguette of French-style bread, cut open, slather one face with dijon mustard and then drizzle honey over the mustard, slather the other face with cream cheese.  Apply smoked salmon.  If you can get it, fresh dill sprigs take it to the next level.

4.  KD over at Market-Ticker.org has a post up about Chris Christie and how he is “done” because of this bridge lane closing scandal.  I have to disagree.  Chris Christie has been anointed by the oligarchy and is now, in fact, establishing himself as an oligarch.  He is their boy.  He isn’t going anywhere.  EVERYTHING is forgotten within 36 hours.  That is the news cycle.  Chris Christie could eat a baby on the front steps of the New Jersey governor’s mansion and it would be shrugged off.  Think about it.  When was the last time any member of the oligarchy suffered ANY adverse consequences for ANY crime?  Do you remember that Eric Holder was formally held in Contempt of Congress years ago for non-cooperation in the Fast and Furious inquiries?  Do you remember how everyone was saying that Hillary Clinton was “done” in the wake of the Benghazi murders of which she is a direct co-conspirator?  Hillary Clinton is now, as I said years ago, the universally-assumed 2016 candidate.  Rand Paul has sold out the so-called “conservative right” more times than I can count, and EVERY TIME it is all forgotten within literally a matter of hours BY THE CONSERVATIVE RIGHT.  I tweeted yesterday a piece about how Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who both ascended to power by winning primaries against incumbents, told Hannity that they would NOT support non-incumbent Rethuglican candidates.  Yup.  You know, like Lindsay Graham or Mitch McConnell, two of the most revolting, amoral fiends in Washington.  It’s all a sickening charade, people.  This business of not remembering or being able to synthesize a dataset that is more than 36 hours old is why I hold out no hope.  As long as psychopath X waves the “team flag” everyone’s still on board.

5.  In the same vein, here is a video of a group of employees of a small business being shown how ObamaCare is going to send their insurance premiums and deductibles through the roof.  One lady’s goes up to over $1300 per month and her deductible doubles.  This is absolutely no surprise, because SIMPLE COMMON SENSE tells us that a system that mandates that people with pre-existing conditions be allowed into a risk pool AFTER the adverse risk event has already occurred, is a system that will see premiums explode parabolically before the entire system implodes upon itself.  How is this a surprise?  Does no one actually understand on even the most basic level what insurance is?  Apparently not.  But what I really want to point out is the glassy-eyed reaction of the people.  I see not a hint of outrage, refusal to comply, nothing.  The people in question you can tell are NOT making six figures, and yet they all seem perfectly resigned to paying the equivalent of an above-median mortgage payment for HEALTH INSURANCE, while having their deductibles double.  Shrug.  Nothing I can do about it.  Oh well.

I look at that and am chilled to the bone, because I realize that it is going to take horrors on a level that many of us can not now imagine possible in the western world to wake people up and get them to the point of actually resisting this crap on any level.  The feedback that is being given to the oligarchy is that of total capitulation, and thus the green-light to proceed with and escalate the theft and tyranny – and believe me, the oligarchs are watching the non-reaction reaction of the masses VERY closely, and they are very, very pleased.  It isn’t the oligarchs that I fear per se.  It is the glassy-eyed apathy and intellectual and moral sloth of the broad citizenry that is the source of night-sweat terror for me.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.