Obama isn't a loner. He's a crack-smoking sodomite imbecile who has to be kept hidden. Duh.

I happened on this Vanity Fair piece wondering aloud how it can possibly be that their demigod could possibly be the uber-competent, super-genius organizer of people that he is (Right?  He is, right?  Right? *sniff* I’m skeerd.  Hold me!) while being, as it is now clear for all the world to see, held in near-total isolation.

There, there now.  Let me explain it for you.

Barack Obama remains in near-total isolation, never really engaging anyone outside of maybe half-a-dozen to a dozen people inside the West Wing, bluffing his way through pressers and being held safely away from congressional leadership and even his top-tier donors behind velvet ropes, because Barack Obama is dumber than a box of hair, a drug addict, and a sodomite, and CAN’T engage people without blowing his cover.

Barack Obama the man, or whatever his name is, spends much of his time locked in the study above the Oval Office.  In that study he watches ESPN, does drugs, and is sexually serviced by male concubines.  Barack Obama also does not “golf”, unless the word “golf” is the new jive-talk slang for being fellated by a male concubine while smoking crack in the backseat of the presedential limo in the parking lot of the East Course at Joint Base Andrews.  If that is what “golf” now means, then yes, Barack Obama sure as hell plays a lot of “golf”.

Let’s compare Obama to Bill Clinton.  Bill Clinton is a psychopath, a murderer and a rapist.  Bill Clinton is also probably a genius on the I.Q. scale.  Tales of Bill Clinton’s intellectual dexterity and thus his charm and ability to “work a room” are legendary, from both the male and female perspectives.  Both men and women have reported that Bill Clinton can make anyone he is talking to feel as though they are the only person on the planet, and that he understands and sympathizes completely with them and their position.  He has used this ability to manipulate men politically and women sexually to an extent that is perhaps unmatched.

Obama’s handlers keep him totally isolated and won’t even let him schmooze with his drooling mega-donors.  And Obama cooperates, because he knows he is a complete fraud, too.

Do you guys remember the stunningly bizarre incident a few years ago when Obama began a press conference at the White House, and then walked out claiming he had to attend some reception, and turned his own press conference over to Bill Clinton who proceeded to DAZZLE the press corps with a tour de force performace at the podium?  Everything Bill Clinton said was a lie, including the words “and” and “the”, but his rhetorical command and nimbleness was stunning, especially in direct contrast to Obama who can only barely regurgitate rehearsed and coached talking points when speaking ex tempore.  Let’s go to the videotape on that surreal episode:


Who is running the White House?  Who is executing the Cloward-Piven strategy from the West Wing?  Valerie Jarrett is clearly in charge, but even she is taking orders from above.  JPMorgan-Goldman Sachs.  Soros.  The Saudis.  Maybe the ChiComms.  Maybe Moscow.  I dunno.  We’ll all find out at the General Judgment.  Michelle Obama is also far more powerful and involved than is let on.  This is especially terrifying, because Michelle Obama is every bit as dumb as her fake husband, and perhaps even moreso.  Have you ever read Michelle’s Princeton thesis?  Here.  Let me link that badboy up for you.  I simply have to quote Christopher Hitchens, the now-former atheist (God have mercy on him), who said it best:

“I direct your attention to Mrs. Obama’s 1985 thesis at Princeton University. Its title (rather limited in scope, given the author and the campus) is “Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community.” To describe it as hard to read would be a mistake; the thesis cannot be “read” at all, in the strict sense of the verb. This is because it wasn’t written in any known language.”

Obama isn’t a brooding genius, plotting and hatching plans with his roundtable of consiglieres and caporegimes.  He didn’t win the office of the Presidency; he was installed as a puppet by a putch regime who counted the entirety of the mainstream media as a 110% compliant  operational arm.  Obama is a drug-addled imbecile moving through and marking the hours one SportsCenter and one bl**j*b at a time.  He is personally responsible, along with many others, for the giant crime against humanity that is this regime, and he should personally be held to full earthly account according to the rule of law and be subject to capital punishment with due process just like the rest of them in exctly the same way Kim Jong Un, another imbecile puppet, should also be held to full personal account.  But a brooding genius?  Cracker, please.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.