"Why can't I keep my insurance?" Because you're stupid, sweetie.

Okay.  This all goes to my screaming rants that people are responsible for their government.  I’m getting really sick of people acting all indignant and acting like they’re being ambushed by this whole ObamaCare thing.

“Er my gawsh, y’all!  My insurance bill just quadrupled.  I’m serious you guys!”

Well, no kidding.  What in the blue firey blazes did you expect?  Let’s see.  Insurance is risk pooling.  A bunch of people get together and pay a small amount of money into a pool, and then when one of the people has an adverse event happen to them, the frequency of which can be broadly statistically predicted, then the pool pays out to the unlucky person who had the adverse event happen to them.

Now let’s see.  From DAY FLIPPING ONE the Obama regime has been saying that mean old insurance companies will not be able to turn away customers with pre-existing conditions – in other words, insurance companies will have to let people JOIN THE RISK POOL … AFTER THE RISK EVENT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

Um, yeah.  That is the total, complete destruction of the entire insurance paradigm.  This isn’t my opinion.  This is a mathematical fact … an extremely simple and elementary mathematical fact.  If people who have already had the adverse risk event happen to them must be allowed into the risk pool, then it is no longer a risk pool.  It is a wealth redistribution scam that victimizes the TOTAL, COMPLETE MORONS who enter and pay into the “pool” without already having had the risk event happen to them.

How can a nation of 330 million people, iniquitous gutter republic though it may be, not understand this?  How can a nation of 330 million people have their tyrannical regime tell them in no uncertain terms that the entire insurance paradigm is going to be destroyed by said regime, and then when it happens everyone acts all shocked?

Oh, and then add onto that the fact that ObamaCare requires insurance to cover all kinds of bee-ess “preventative” and “elective” services.  Well, if every single person in a risk pool is guaranteed to have a claim because the coverage is no longer for catastrophes, but also for purely non-emergent, elective pseudomedicine and outright quackery, then what do you expect?  The “pool” has to collect more than it pays out.  Period.

Finally, Karl Denninger broke the news today that most ObamaCare-compliant insurance has wicked in-network restrictions.  As in if you receive any healthcare “out of network” you get ZERO coverage – and there is not one word of disclosure of any of this until AFTER you have bought the policy.  And “out of network” has gone from generally meaning within a STATE to within a COUNTY, because, you know, competition is BAD or something.

So let’s recap.  ObamaCare requires you to pay for slaughtering babies.  We have known this for years.  It utterly destroys the insurance paradigm by mathematical definition and necessity.  We have known this since day one because it is a pure function of logic and math.  Doctors and health professionals are retiring and quitting by the thousands.  This has been happening for years.  Your insurance premiums, which are now “mandatory” according to the state – yes, the state is now dictating to you that you MUST purchase a SERVICE COMMODITY as a condition of LEGALLY WAKING UP BREATHING in the iniquitous gutter republic and steaming satanic cesspit of baby-killing, sodomy and theft formerly known as the united states of america, have now skyrocketed, and you would have to be dumber than a box of hair to not see that coming.

Well, at what point does the inability to think through excruciatingly simple logical progressions and their inevitable consequences become moral culpability?  At what point does the tolerance of the utterly irrational call down the thunder upon one’s own head?  At what point does shrugging one’s shoulders at the blood-soaked ground beneath one’s own feet and muttering some sissy bee-ess about “not having any choice” become full-blown cooperation?

Right now.  Right. Flipping. Now.

ObamaCare is yours now.  YOU personally own it, because you refuse to do ANYTHING to stop it, and you have known from day one what it was and thus what it would do.

1. Media strike
2. Tax strike
3. General strike
4. Armed counter-revolution

Step 4 should have happened YEARS ago.

Please note that sitting on your butt and sending emails to all of your friends saying, “Isn’t this awful,” and, “Someone really should do something about this,” isn’t accomplishing anything, and your inaction is emboldening the enemy with each passing day.

Hoist the Battle Standard of Jesus Christ and FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!


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