Molon Labe & New Feature

1. First, the new feature. With every posting of the Lord’s Prayer, I will add an image of a statue, fresco, mosaic or painting of a saint, angel or Christian layperson wielding an ASSAULT WEAPON.

One of the tyrannical oligarchy’s arguments about the Second Amendment is that it only applies to the technology of the late 18th century. Anything beyond that “doesn’t apply”. As others have pointed out, scoffing at flintlock muskets is truly ridiculous because those flintlock muskets were state-of-the-art weaponry at the time, and those flintlock muskets are what defeated the greatest military on earth at the time – the British, backed by Hessian mercenaries.

Before the musket emerged as the dominant assault weapon technology in the 17th-18th centuries, the arquebus, an early long gun, was the forefront of assault weapon technology. Before that the edged weapon was the assault weapon of choice for many centuries, and before that people just bludgeoned each other with clubs, so clubs were cutting-edge assault weapons.

Today, select fire, intermediate cartridge, detachable magazine carbines are exactly, precisely, directly, technologically equivalent to the edged weapons, arquebuses and muskets of years past.

Therefore, any sacred image showing an edged weapon, if produced depicting a recent or contemporary saint, martyr, or Christian warrior could have that person shown holding an assault rifle.

Iconography is important. The Marxist-homosexualist infiltrators have intentionally stripped all images and icons of manful strength (many times in the context of a FEMALE saint, too) from Christendom as much as they could over the last 50 years or so. Their goal has been to convince you people that Christianity is some pacifistic cult of the effete, and that Christ is either your imaginary gay boyfriend or your imaginary castrated Golden Retriever.

They did this so that you could be easily disarmed and conquered, and Christianity eventually destroyed and replaced with a new neo-pagan cult tied directly to the tyrannical state.

They’re winning.

Fight back.

2. My license plates are a contraction of the Greek phrase “Molon Labe”. MOLNLBE. Molon Labe means “come and take them” and is the battle cry for the right of self-defense, and of all badasses of good will, in general.

In 480 BC King Leonidas led a phalanx of 300 Spartan soldiers to the Hot Gates of Thermopylae in a delaying action at the onset of the Persian invasion of Greece by Xerxes I. Xerxes, with his army and navy of many, many thousands, sent a message to the 300 Spartans at the onset of the battle. The message was, “Spartans, lay down your weapons.”

King Leonidas replied, “Molon labe.” Come and take them.

A single phalanx of 300 Spartans held off the entire Persian Army for THREE DAYS before being finally defeated, allowing the other Greek armies time to muster and position. It is the greatest delaying action in the history of warfare, and dramatically shaped world history.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.