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PRAISE GOD, but KEEP PRAYING: Mr. Bob Quarteroni has seen a priest, and is in this priest’s care

Across the transom just now from the SSPX priest that made efforts to contact Mr. Quarteroni.

“It looks like the publicity has had some effect. It motivated the local priests to reach out to poor Bob.

One of my parishioners has been looking into the situation. Apparently the local parish priest has the matter in hand.”

“Act, and God will act.” –St. Joan of Arc

Persist.  Persevere.  Some of you emailed me with reports of your Novus Ordo priests refusing to get involved – one even trying to cite Canon Law and another (of course) citing Antipope Bergoglio’s rantings against “proselytism”.  Don’t despair.  Don’t lose hope.  Keep going!

Other human beings matter.  This is the Fruit of the Second Joyful Mystery of the Rosary – the Visitation.  FRATERNAL CHARITY.





Please, keep praying during this Holy Week for Mr. Quarteroni’s heart to be melted like wax, and that he receive the forgiveness, pardon and peace that Our Lord so desperately wants to give him.  And pray for the priests involved.

Our Lady, Assumed into Heaven, pray for us!
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us!

(By the way, this is the man you are praying for)

Reuters linked on Drudge Sub-headline: “Conservatives still see Benedict, not Francis, as Pope”

I post this only to show that it isn’t just “that seriously crazy Barnhardt and her three remaining schizo fanboys” that even countenance the notion that Pope Benedict is the Pope and “Francis” is an antipope.

Don’t fall for the gaslighting campaign that you are not only crazy, but crazy and ALONE in so much as even questioning Bergoglio’s legitimacy. Reuters wouldn’t have put that bullet point sub-headline there if it were just a handful of people raising the alarm.

No matter why Reuters wrote and published that bullet, even if was an attempt to smear “conservatives”, the fact is that today millions more people who do not live in Traddyland nor read any “Trad, Inc.” sites have now been exposed to the idea that a non-trivial number of people recognize Pope Benedict as still being the Pope and Bergoglio an antipope.

That is all.

Letter From an Absentee Father to His Children

(This is a repost by request from ARSH 2017. Pay close attention to the text in bold, and then be sure to read the update at the bottom. It is hopeful.)

Dear Children,

It has been over four years since I abandoned you and declared myself your “father emeritus”, but I wanted to write this letter to you in the hopes that it would console you.  As I said when I was walking out the door, I have not ceased to be your father, I have just chosen to only be your father in the passive, contemplative, inactive, absentee sense. After all, who is to say how many “fathers” a child can have?  What’s important is not who is or is not your father, but rather what fatherhood MEANS.  Fatherhood for me means withdrawing from the active duties of fatherhood while maintaining the spiritual aspect, and in doing this, stepping aside and making way for another man to become your “active father”.  In doing this, I have expanded fatherhood, thus permanently transforming fatherhood into a collegial, synodal paradigm. At least, that is what I tell myself.

I want you to know that I am fully aware that since I abandoned Your Mother and all of you, that a raging psychopath calling himself your “active father”  has moved into your house and is now raping and beating Your Mother before your eyes on a daily basis. I am also aware that he is beating you, emotionally abusing you, poisoning you, and is exposing you to his cabal of friends, almost all of whom are sodomites/boy rapists.

I want you to know that I am aware of this, and assure you of my closeness to you in prayer.  I hope this consoles you.

Further, I want you to know that things are going to get much, much worse.  Don’t ask me how I know this.  Let’s just say that when I was still your Active Father, I … was made privy to certain… secrets.

The psychopath and his sodomite/boy raping friends are going to rape and beat Your Mother so badly that it will literally require a supernatural miracle to save her life.  She will not die, but she will be raped and beaten unto death.  All of this will be done before your very eyes.  In fact, the psychopath and his sodomite gang will luxuriate in the fact that you, the children, will see this happen.

As for you, my dear, dear children, many of you will not survive this.  You will be beaten, berated, poisoned and some of you will also be raped.  For many of you, this abuse and terror will be so intense that you will abandon Your Mother and commit de facto suicide.  Others of you will turn into exactly the same kind of psychopathic monsters as your “active father” and his gang.  The only promise I can make to you is that at least ONE of you will survive.  It is possible that ALL BUT ONE of you, my children, will be lost.

But take heart!  I am aware of what is happening to you, and I am close to you in prayer.

Now, you may be wondering why it is that I don’t call the police, notify someone, or take any action against the psychopath that is raping and beating Your Mother, and trying as hard as he can to kill all of you.

This is rather difficult to explain, and even more difficult to write, but I will try to explain it simply.  You see, while I am completely responsible for abandoning you, I am also largely responsible for creating the psychopath that is now calling himself your “active father”, all of his sodomite/boy raping gang, and the entire matrix within which they subsist.

In order for me to help you, I would have to admit that not only did I make a terrible, terrible mistake – in fact, in Law it is called a “SUBSTANTIAL ERROR”, but I would also have to admit that my entire adult life, going back at least 55 years now, was built upon a completely erroneous and false worldview even down to the level of metaphysics.  While I would never do the things that the psychopath who calls himself your “active father” is doing to Your Mother or to any of you children, I did work very hard years ago to create the environment of which he and his gang are a direct product.  And then, four years ago, I ran away to be your “father emeritus” and left the door standing wide open, and the psychopath and his gang walked into Our Family Home, and began their program of systematic rape and murder.

Now, kids, I love you, but I’m sure you understand that I simply cannot admit to any of these mistakes, no matter how glaringly obvious they are, and no matter how badly all of you and Your Mother are hurt by them.  To say that my entire adult life and work has been not just merely erroneous, but has been, quite possibly, the most catastrophic thing ever to happen to Our Family is simply impossible.  No one could expect me to humiliate myself like that, and nothing is worth that kind of humiliation.  Nothing.  I’m sure you all understand the position I am in.  This is why I can’t say anything, much less call the police or alert any of your uncles.  Not that alerting your uncles would help – there are only a handful left that aren’t in the psychopath’s gang, and all of your good uncles are effeminate and no good in a fight anyway. Very much like me.

I hope that while Your Mother is being raped and beaten unto death, and you yourselves are picked-off one by one, that you will be consoled knowing that I have been saved any public humiliation, and, I repeat, that I am fully aware of what is happening to you, and that I am close to you in prayer.

My advice is, appease the psychopath that calls himself your “active father”, and maybe he will kill you last. That’s what I am going to do.

Pray for me, and be consoled by my awareness of what is happening to you and my closeness to you in prayer-

Your “Contemplative Father Emeritus” (at least that’s what I call myself)

Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger, the one and only living Pope, and by far the worst Pope in history.



After reading and re-reading Pope Benedict’s Apostolic Letter, I must add this postscript, and do so happily. Pope Benedict said,

“What must be done? Perhaps we should create another Church for things to work out? Well, that experiment has already been undertaken and has already failed.

I dare say that this could be the first step in Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger coming to grips with Vatican II and His culpability therein. If so, it is a glorious leap forward for the Pope and the Church, Ratzinger himself being so deeply tied to the Council, to admit its failure. Some will say, “He is talking about Protestantism.” Don’t be so sure. I don’t think he would refer to the Lutheran revolt and schism as an “experiment”. The Holy Ghost is afoot. Stay hopeful! Pray for Pope Benedict! He has so few people left that don’t hate him, or are aggressively indifferent to him.

Q&A: Ann, if Pope Benedict is still the Pope, why does it even matter?

Q: Ann, even if Pope Benedict is still the Pope, why does it even matter?

A: If Pope Benedict is the one and only living Pope (which he is), that means that Jorge Bergoglio is NOT the Pope, and never has been. Every heretical utterance and act that Antipope Bergoglio has made is completely outside the domain of the Papacy, and leaves no stain of scandal on the Papacy, and Antipope Bergoglio has zero participation in the Magisterium. The words, “Well, Pope Francis said…” can never be uttered and used as a cudgel against Christ and His Church for all eternity, because there is no “Pope Francis”, only the usurper fraud Antipope Bergoglio.

“Pope Francis” is not real. “Pope Francis” is a lie. The REAL matters. The Truth matters. Who the Pope is, and who the Pope isn’t matters. If the identity of the Pope were irrelevant, then the Papacy itself would be irrelevant, because it would be invisible. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ, and therefore the visible head and nexus of unity of the Church Militant. Unity with the Pope is the standard of schism. Therefore, who the Pope is matters.

Because the Pope has the authority that Christ has directly given to him, the very Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, the very power to bind and loose, that authority can never, ever be ascribed to a man who does not actually possess it, and does not therefore enjoy the supernatural protection guaranteed by Christ to Peter and all of Peter’s successors. To falsely ascribe Petrine authority to a man who is not the Pope is to hand Satan the ability to cause total chaos, and to cause countless souls to be deceived and scandalized unto eternal damnation.

The greatest act of violence that can be done to the Papacy is not to deny that the Papacy exists, but rather to call a man who is not Peter, “Peter”.

The Truth matters, and it matters because the Truth is a Person, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To deny that the Truth matters is to deny that God matters. Our Lord is the Way, the TRUTH and the Life, and ONLY through Him, with Him and in Him can we see the Father. There is no lie in God. There is no error in God. There is no unreality in God, who is reality. “I AM WHO AM. Before Abraham was, I AM.”

To love God is to love Truth. To love Truth is to love God.

Indifference to Truth is indifference to God.

Indifference to God is indifference to Truth.

The Third Glorious Mystery of the Rosary is the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles and Mary at Pentecost. The fruit of this Mystery is love of God, zeal, which illuminates this question.

I hope this helps.

“No longer DIRECTLY responsible…”

Lemme guess. No longer DIRECTLY responsible… for the governance of the Church? But remain in a new way, always and forever, in the enclosure of St. Peter, living out a passive ministry of prayer?

NYPost on Pope Benedict’s latest document. You can’t make this up, folks.

The retired pontiff has drafted a 6,000-word document in his native German and aims to publish it in a monthly periodical for clergy in his home region of Bavaria. Benedict says the document, an English translation of which I’ve reviewed, is meant to assist the Church in seeking “a new beginning” and making her “again truly credible as a light among peoples and as a force in service against the powers of ­destruction.”

In the preface, he makes it clear that he is “no longer directly responsible” for the church and that he consulted Pope Francis (sic) before ­resolving to make the document public.

Nevertheless, Benedict’s “The Church and the Scandal of Sexual Abuse” has the unmistakable ring of a papal document. You might even call it a post-retirement encyclical.

UPDATE: Here’s the whole text.

As one reader put it, he didn’t resign the Office, he simply announced that he would no longer be answering the phone. Which is to say, the See was not vacated, therefore it was and is logically, canonically and metaphysically impossible for a valid conclave to have been called. The College of Cardinals only has the ability to call a conclave if the See is vacant. No empty See, no conclave. Period. You can call as many fake conclaves and go through the motions as you want, but if the See isn’t vacant, it’s all totally invalid and canonically meaningless.

Let’s go back to this, just for review. February 27, ARSH 2013:

The “always” is also a “for ever” – there can no longer be a return to the private sphere. My decision to resign the active exercise of the ministry does not revoke this. I do not return to private life, to a life of travel, meetings, receptions, conferences, and so on. I am not abandoning the cross, but remaining in a new way at the side of the crucified Lord. I no longer bear the power of office for the governance of the Church, but in the service of prayer I remain, so to speak, in the enclosure of Saint Peter. Saint Benedict, whose name I bear as Pope, will be a great example for me in this. He showed us the way for a life which, whether active or passive, is completely given over to the work of God.

Mr. Bob Quarteroni update, and kudos to the SSPX

A priest of the SSPX is visiting Mr. Quarteroni’s home, and has been seen knocking on the door by Mr. Quarteroni’s sister, but the neighbors say that they aren’t sure where Mr. Quarteroni is, and he might be in hiding. The door is never answered.

First, kudos to the fine SSPX priest for making the effort to reach out to a dying man.

Second, what an allegory. Mr. Quarteroni, nearing death, is trying to hide from God, but God is still trying to reach out to Mr. Quarteroni through this priest. Please pray that somehow Mr. Quarteroni “lets God in” and reconciles with Him through this or any other priest. The Fourth Glorious Mystery, the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, yields the fruit of the grace of a happy, holy, provided death. Remember Mr. Quarteroni in your Rosary.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick….

It’s just a matter of time. Some other shoe will eventually drop on this man, and everyone will act shocked, when the fact is that the warning signs are just about as glaring as they can be.

This man is clearly in bad, bad shape. God help him, and pray that he doesn’t hurt others.