Poll Results In. Traditional Catholics in the English-speaking world overwhelmingly believe that Pope Benedict XVI is the One and Only Living Pope

First, the results.  I’m not surprised that Pope Benedict won the poll.  I am surprised by how much.  I knew that we were making significant headway, but this is REALLY encouraging: My thanks to news aggregator extraordinaire Frank Walker at and his webmistress for doing the poll.  This poll was done purely to gather […]

Start from the base premise that God is infinite Good and Infinite Love, and that the Divine Providence is perfect…

Start from the base premise that God is infinite Good and infinite Love, and that the Divine Providence is perfect… And then ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, the reason that the technological capability of the human race has exploded on an exponential curve that began at almost the exact instant that Pope Leo XIII […]

New Barnhardt Video Presentation: The Bergoglian Antipapacy

(High Definition version will be available soon. See dedicated Top Menu page “Bergoglian Antipapacy” above.  More links and citations to come as the page is constructed.) TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro and acknowledgments 01:42 Why make this video? 03:25 If anything in this presentation is illogical, irrational or detached from reality, let me know 05:03 THE False […]

The Bergoglian Antipapcy

THERE ARE NOW TWO VIDEOS TOTALING FOUR HOURS OF EVIDENTIARY PRESENTATION – SCROLL DOWN BELOW THE PART 2 VIDEO FOR THE PART 1 VIDEO PART 2 VIDEO: The Bergoglian Antipapacy: The Freemasonic/Teutonic Final Attack on the Petrine See Recorded 16 June, ARSH 2019 PART 2 VIDEO TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Introduction and Acknowledgments 03:13 The answer to […]

On the Feast of the Martrydom of Sts. Peter and Paul, Answering the Question, “Why Is God Letting This Antipapacy Happen?”

I am inundated (still) with emails from people who just a few short years ago would have described their faith as strong, solid and even unshakable – people for whom the thought of ever, ever losing their faith or questioning or doubting in even the slightest way the Church, and even Our Lord Himself, specifically […] Migrating Servers

One of the small handful of negative emails I have received since posting “Vocem Alienorum” was from the chap who has been hosting this site for the past few years, giving me 60 days to vacate his server.  The migration to the new server is happening now, and thus I am experiencing sporadic outages, and […]

Benefactor Mass Tuesdays Continue As Before & New Ann Interview on islam

I.  First, Benefactor Mass Tuesdays continue exactly as before, every Tuesday morning at 0830 Eastern Time in the Venerable Gregorian Rite.  As I covered in “Vocem Alienorum”, even if an antipope is commemorated at the Te Igitur, the Mass is still absolutely valid, the Eucharist is confected and the Holy and August Sacrifice is offered. […]