TOLDYA: Ivermectin is curing cancer right and left: Protocols being developed, studies being done! Spread this info aggressively!

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NEW ARTICLE: IVERMECTIN – Articles and Protocols for CANCER, Research studies and access to Ivermectin pills.

Recently, I have seen tremendous demand for some sort of initial guidance “WHERE TO START” with High Dose Ivermectin for CANCER. So I’m reposting my Ivermectin Cancer Protocol. It’s very simple to use.

Did you know that Ivermectin is annually taken by close to 250 million people?

Ivermectin has a dozen anti-cancer mechanisms but they can be summarized into two main ones:

1. Inhibits cancer proliferation signaling pathways (Akt, mTOR, Wnt)

2. Inhibits Cancer Stem Cells

IVERMECTIN will act against regular CANCER as well as Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Induced TURBO CANCER (which is highly resistant to chemo).

Here are recent studies on IVERMECTIN use in certain types of cancer:

BLADDER CANCER – (2024 Fan et al) – Ivermectin Inhibits Bladder Cancer Cell Growth and Induces Oxidative Stress and DNA Damage

LUNG CANCER – (2024 Man-Yuan Li et al) – Ivermectin induces nonprotective autophagy by downregulating PAK1 and apoptosis in lung adenocarcinoma cells

GLIOMA – (2024 Xing Hu et al) – Ivermectin as a potential therapeutic strategy for glioma

MULTIPLE MYELOMA – (2024 Yang Song et al) – Gene signatures to therapeutics: Assessing the potential of ivermectin against t(4;14) multiple myeloma

OVARIAN CANCER – (2023 Jawad et al) – Ivermectin augments the anti-cancer activity of pitavastatin in ovarian cancer cells

PROSTATE CANCER – (2022 Lu et al) – Integrated analysis reveals FOXA1 and Ku70/Ku80 as targets of ivermectin in prostate cancer

COLON CANCER – (2022, Alghamdi et al) – Efficacy of ivermectin against colon cancer induced by dimethylhydrazine in male wistar rats

PANCREATIC CANCER – (2022 Lee et al) – Ivermectin and gemcitabine combination treatment induces apoptosis of pancreatic cancer cells via mitochondrial dysfunction

MELANOMA – (2022 Zhang et al) – Drug repurposing of ivermectin abrogates neutrophil extracellular traps and prevents melanoma metastasis

IVERMECTIN has proven anti-cancer activity against some 20 cancer types, although these are pre-clinical studies. We will never see clinical studies because Ivermectin is off patent and cheap. Merck, which used to have a patent on Ivermectin, has partnered with Moderna on mRNA Cancer Vaccines.

IVERMECTIN is so safe, that in much of the civilized world, it is available over the counter, no prescription needed. That’s how it should be. I recently wrote about how a doctor in Saskatchewan, Canada was just given a $44,800 penalty by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for prescribing Ivermectin to a few patients during 2020-2022. The Ontario College of Physicians even had an Investigator go undercover and dress up as a Canadian Trucker to ensnare a young doctor prescribing Ivermectin in Ottawa in 2022 during the Trucker Convoy.

Canadians must realize that the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons are private corporations, fully bought off by big pharma and run by mafia lawyers who are putting pressure on doctors to comply or else No healthcare bureaucrat or lawyer has the right to deny anyone access to life saving medication. And if they do, they are committing a very serious crime.

It’s time for Canadians to bring the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons to Justice for their many COVID-19 crimes, take them over, dissolve them, and start over. I now have a trusted, affordable source for Ivermectin, so if you need access to Ivermectin, please email me. Article Link in photo to avoid shadowban, just re-type the URL in the 1st photo at the top, into your browser to access.

Folks, I take the livestock injectable 1% solution by drinking it orally precisely because I suspect that BigPharma will totally adulterate “human” Ivermectin pills, almost certainly by selling placebo as Ivermectin pills, and then claim “Oopsie! Manufacturing error!”

The way to test if you’re actually getting ivermectin is to take an aggressive dose for a few days and see if you get wonky vision. The wonky vision side effect proves that it’s legit Vitamin-I. And yes, the wonky vision (subtle light flashes in dark environments and very subtle waviness, almost like underwater vision) clears as soon as you come off of Ivermectin.

See my dosage tables. Focus on the milligrams of Ivermectin by your body weight if you’re taking human pills. You know exactly how many mg per pill – it’s printed on the box.

Always round UP. Take MORE, not less. It’s literally the safest drug in the world- far safer than aspirin or penicillin, as drugs.

And my dosage tables are calibrated for aggressive treatment of cold and flu viruses.

CANCER PROTOCOLS are probably significantly HIGHER DOSAGE.

Given what we’ve ALL seen of the physical devastations (sometimes irreversible) caused by SIX-FIGURE $$$$$$ chemotherapy regimes, a little wonky vision or even a bit of dizziness would be just fine in exchange for curing cancer for a few hundred bucks, thank-you-very-much.

**** Cancer! 🤬

Let’s GOOOOO!!!!!

Remember, Ivermectin has been off-patent for DECADES. Any brand will do. Ivermectin is the aspirin of livestock pharmaceuticals. One brand is as good as another.
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