If you think that nothing like the CovidScam could ever happen again, let me disabuse you of that misconception…

I stumbled across a channel of a group who try to help extract people from fake online “romance scams”. I quickly realized that the reason the group posts these videos isn’t so much to expose the scammers, but rather to show the world the intense narcissistic delusions of the “victims”. The reason this is important is because it shows not only how the CoronaScam was pulled of with such ease the first time, but more importantly it shows that it can, and probably will happen again in some form, because so many people today are that dangerous combination of below-average intelligence, but narcissistic enough to THINK that they are actually intelligent and savvy, and as you’ll see in the video below – and this is hard to believe – physically attractive.

Meet Sharon, a 79 year old widow, not mentally retarded by any means, but with an IQ probably in the high-70s or low-80s. And, it must be said, she’s no oil painting. She looks every day of 79, and wasn’t a particularly good-looking woman to start with. She got on “dating websites” and was instantly inundated with African scammers hiding behind stolen identities of attractive young men, and she believed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Over and over and over. She would send these “boyfriends” THOUSANDS of dollars, one after the other, sometimes with multiple “boyfriends” at the same time, burning her estate. Her children tried to get power of attorney over her accounts to protect her and stop her from voluntarily transferring her wealth to Nigerian and Ghanan criminals, but to no avail.

If you watch other videos on this channel, what you will see is the narcissism and delusions of grandeur and intelligence on the part of the “victims”. These people, both men and women, think that they are physically attractive, and that very young, very attractive people (in the stolen photographs they send) are genuinely attracted to THEM. These narcissist victims think that they are very intelligent and could never be fooled – even after they realize they have been fooled over and over and over again.

Again, the reason I post this isn’t to humiliate the “victims” – it’s to demonstrate how spectacularly gullible and susceptible to criminality so many people today in the post-Christian west are. I think the most overlooked component of the IQ Bellcurve is the area comprised of the first two standard deviations to the LEFT of the average. That’s a helluva lot of people with IQs between 70 and 99. We think about the mentally retarded a lot, and we think about the above-average a lot, but we don’t think about the massive cohort of dim-wits nearly enough.

IQ bell curve

Will a CoronaScam-type event happen again? Oh, absolutely. Maybe the next thing won’t be medical (or perhaps it will), but maybe an “environmental disaster”, or, as we have discussed, a “UFO” scam.  The broad populace is too far fallen morally and intellectually, and the oligarchs and especially satan their master knows it. They know that a massive percent of the population will believe pretty much ANYTHING anyone tells them. If these “victims” of these scams believed obviously fake TEXT MESSAGES, photographs and telephone calls (never video!), then how much more do these types of people believe anything that they see on the Tee Vee? We know the answer. These dim-wits put themselves under house arrest, wearing a burqa, and gleefully lined up to inject themselves with poison repeatedly… because Anderson Cooper told them to.


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