When in Battle, Fly the Standard

Wow! Early this morning the owner of TradFlags.com emailed me:

Greetings Ann,

Thought you might like to see this. It took about a year of planning: https://tradflags.com/product/june-most-sacred-heart-of-jesus-flag/

We just hoisted the largest Sacred Heart of Jesus flag in the world last night to combat the faggotry that will be on display this month. It is 30’ x 50’ and flies right off the interstate about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati, OH in Walton, KY.

For people interested in driving by it they can do so by going south from Cincinnati and then taking I-71 south at the I-71/I-75 split and it’s about a mile south of there. Going north on I-71 it is about a mile south of the joining of I-71/I-75.

We will also be flying every monthly Tradflag in 30’ x 50’ dimension. 🙂

Pax Christi!

Check out this amazing video that just dropped of last night’s raising of the Battle Standard!

Death to the sin of Sodomy! Death to the sin of Transvestitism!! Christ is King!!!!

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