Eleven years ago today, Pope Benedict went on a short helicopter ride, and that’s all.

Eleven years ago today I was in Rome. I went to St. Peter’s Square in the late afternoon, sat down on the south side of the Colonnade and prayed the Rosary. At 5pm the sound of the helicopter a few yards to the west, inside the Vatican, starting up and then ascending, began. Pope Benedict then flew directly overhead and away, on his way to the Papal summer residence a few miles south of Rome. It was moving. I admit that my eyes moistened. Little did I know at the time the horrific enormity of what was happening. I had been present at the “final audience” the day before, but not speaking Italian, I didn’t understand what he had said, namely that he was only quitting “the ministry of the active governance of the Church”, but remaining “within the enclosure of St. Peter.”

In other words, not validly resigning. Not even close. Not even in the same galactic cluster as validly resigning.

Then, after Mass, I returned to St. Peter’s Square thinking that the tolling of the bells at 8:00pm would signify the See being vacant.

As it turned out, the bells tolling at 8:00pm signified… that it was 8:00pm. And nothing more.

When Nixon resigned the Office of the Presidency, he didn’t go to Camp David, hang out for a couple of weeks, and then move back into a different wing of the White House.

It bears repeating as these concepts get more and more traction and start to sink in as Antipope Bergoglio and his criminal cabal of sodomites, Freemasons and satanists wage total war on Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church:

An OFFICE (MUNUS in Latin) imparts a state of being, which is why the verb used when speaking of an OFFICE is the verb “to be”:

Pope Benedict is, but now since 12/31/2022, was the Pope.

Jorge Bergoglio is not now, never was, and never will be the Pope.
Nixon was the President.
When King Charles dies, William will be the King.

A MINISTRY is a derivative aspect of an OFFICE.  The various ministries/administrative acts proceed from the OFFICE.  The MINISTRIES are contingent on the OFFICE, but the OFFICE is not contingent upon any MINISTRY.  This is why a man in a coma, unable to perform any ministry or administrative act (like Pope JPII, or President Reagan, after being shot) does not lose his OFFICE.  When speaking of ministries/administrative acts, action verbs are used:

The Pope teaches.
The Pope judges.
The Pope legislates.
The Pope presides.
The President commands the Armed Forces.
The Sheriff enforces the law.

It is 100% false to say that the words “Office (MUNUS)” and “Ministry (MINISTERIUM)” are synonyms.  Because these words address completely different categories, namely the category of BEING SOMETHING versus the category of DOING SOMETHING, there is absolutely, positively no way that they can be synonyms, most especially in Canon Law – and a veritable mountain of written evidence demonstrates this.

Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger did not resign the OFFICE, he resigned the ACTIVE MINISTRY OF THE GOVERNANCE OF THE CHURCH, which means, according to Canon Law, which is the arbiter of this question, backed by Jesus Christ Himself (and what you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven….) that his resignation was INVALID.  Thus, Pope Benedict XVI was and remaind the one and only living Pope from his election in April ARSH 2005 until his death on the morning of December 31, ARSH 2022, these 424 days ago as this is being written, whether he liked it or not.

Thus there was no conclave in March of ARSH 2013, Bergoglio is an Antipope, a usurper, and a criminal. Nothing more.  All evidence, visual, logical and dogmatic, clearly points to this.  Because the Church is VISIBLE, and God is perfectly good and faithful, and His Providence always reflects this.  


So, happy 11th anniversary of NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

Given the events of the past decade-plus, and the fact that Pope Benedict died without having publicly rectified anything, this video is almost vomitous to watch. Pray for the repose of the soul of Pope Benedict Ratzinger. His Particular Judgment must have been… harrowing.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.