If only there had been some sort of sign or red flag…

Folks, I know this is going to come as a massive shock, but Fr. Jerry Kaywell has been put on “administrative leave” after being accused of child molestation.


Y’all remember him. He’s THIS guy. NO RED FLAGS or WARNING SIGNS HERE!! Nosiree Bob!

Trust your gaydar, folks. If it looks like a faggot, walks like a faggot, and talks like a faggot… it’s almost certainly a faggot.

And faggots are vampiric, and are, every single one, a clear and present danger to children, and especially pubescent lads. Dykes are a clear and present danger to little girls and teens.

Suppressing one’s gaydar and exposing children to sodomites is a species of child sacrifice to Moloch. Kaywell’s behavior was so vomitously gay that it crossed a line into public obscenity. Shame on his parishioners for tolerating such campy behavior in the first place. They were accomplices in Kaywell’s predation of youngsters.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.