Mailbag and video of Drs. Campbell and Clancy on Ivermectin as a therapy for mRNA injection poisoning

First, this absolutely lovely note came appended to a munificent donation (but EVERY donation is munificent):


I started following your blog at the very beginning. Have to admit, although your words had the ring and weight of truth, it was just so hard to accept that our leadership both religious and government had become so corrupt. Although you presented such hard information to process and accept, I kept checking in…. I didn’t want to hear it but your conviction and sacrifice could not be ignored. Thank you for the information you provided during the pandemic – we followed the Ivermectin guidelines, avoided the jab and are well. Sadly, we have seen the effects on close family and friends who bought into the false promises and coercion. Praying for the world, for all of humanity, for our family and friends. Praying for you – thank you for your courage – you have emboldened me to speak up and share information with anyone willing to listen.


Speaking of those who took the poisonous injections, here is a fantastic video from just a few days ago of Dr. John Campbell and Dr. Robert Clancy discussing Ivermectin as a very real therapy for the fake-vaccine injured. As was reported in this space in ARSH 2021, Ivermectin essentially puts a protective “cap” over the spike protein that both the Fauci virus AND the death injections produce.

Interestingly, dandelion extract is also reported to have this effect, albeit with less potency. But hey, putting dandelion extract in your water can’t do any harm. And neither can taking Ivermectin. The only contraindication for Ivermectin that has been so-far observed is the blood thinner WARFARIN. Other than that, Ivermectin is safer than aspirin. Remember the case study of the teenager in Africa who “attempted suicide” by taking a 100X dose of Ivermectin… and she had an upset tummy for three days.

And never forget: they watched us refuse to take poison and hoped that we would die. We tried to warn them that it was poison, and then prayed that they would live. And we still do.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.