If there are any journalists left, someone should look into Tucho Fernandez’ “friendship” with Antipope Bergoglio’s young new personal secretary, Padre Daniel Pellizzòn

Why would Antipope Bergoglio bring to Rome and install a young new personal secretary that was only ordained in ARSH 2018, had never been out of Argentina, presumably speaks only Spanish, at exactly the same time that Tucho Fernandez was announced as the new head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (Antichurch) and brought to Rome? It’s almost as if Fernandez and Pellizzòn are a package, a unit… a COUPLE, if you will. I wonder if these two “very close friends” from Buenos Aires have asked Antipope Bergoglio for a “spontaneous blessing” of their “relationship” and “mutual support”?

By the way, don’t read the excerpts of Fernandez’ book that dropped yesterday if you haven’t yet. It’s p-0-r-n. It’s not merely “racy”. It’s utterly obscene blasphemy. It reads like what an older priest would say to a younger priest or seminarian that he was trying to seduce into sodomy. It’s an advanced grooming script. It’s the sort of stuff a predator priest would say to a young man (or 16 year old girl) he was trying to bed after getting him drunk. It’s best to not have such dreck in your memory.

*Pro tip: if you need help with the purification of memory- from p-0-r-n to nightmares to images from horror films to books written by top ranking prelates in the Antichurch, etc., anything you need to get out of your mind’s eye, Our Lady is who you turn to as an intercessor. One of her “jobs” is to intercede for the purification of memory to those who seek her help. She is the mother of Purity Himself. How could you not ask her to pray for you?

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