UPDATED: Mailbag: Shout-out to all my listeners and readers who are young black guys with a gold tooth.

Here at The Barnhardt Blog and Podcast, we’re all about the diversity: the true diversity that comes from simply saying that which is true. It’s universally attractive to morally sane people of good will.

Below is a letter over the transom from a lady who made a bumper sticker for her car that references me. I think the bumper sticker analogy is probably quite theologically flawed. What do you think? I think a much better formulation could be thought up. Although I frequently feel like saying to people, “When possible, make a u-turn…. Please make a u-turn…. MAKE A U-TURN.”


As I’m driving and running errands, I find myself at a red light. Then I hear this incessant honking. I’m like,”who is honking?!” A delivery driver for OnTrac rolls down his window and says, “Man! I love your bumper sticker! That girl…that girl right there knows what’s up.” I said thank you and he continues, “she’s tough man but you have to be! God Bless!” Then the light turns green. I thought this was a great example of not judging a book by its cover. He was a black man about 35 with a gold front tooth.

He has good taste in bumper stickers and apparently blogs/podcasts. 🙂

Lady in Arizona

I think this is a better formulation for a bumper sticker:

Heaven is my Destination,

Christ is my Pilot,

Our Lady is the Co-Pilot,

and Ann Barnhardt is my Stewardess!

Welcome to Good Shepherd Airlines! Please enjoy this piping hot cup of Logic along with a complimentary bag of tasty assorted Canons harvested from the Code of Canon Law. The Law of Non-contradiction must be observed at all times. Freemasonry is strictly prohibited, including in the lavatories, and will be prosecuted. In case of an Antipapacy, please assist in securing the cabin. Do not open the hatch and jump out of the aircraft.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.