Visibility, visibility, visibility, folks. The hits just keep on a-comin’.

The current Antipope, the vomitous apostate wretch, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, just announced that when he shuffles off this mortal coil, he wants to be buried NOT out of the Petrine Basilica, but out of Santa Maria Maggiore – St. Mary Major.

BUT, but , but, the Bergoglian cultists will say, “He has such a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary!” To which I reply, “IN WHAT UNIVERSE??” His blasphemies against HER are COUNTLESS! He said that she wasn’t “born a saint, but became one.” He said that she “doubted and called God a liar at the foot of the Cross.” He despises the Rosary, and within months of his usurpation was openly laughing at people who had sent him a spiritual bouquet of Rosaries while talking to a group of religious sisters, saying, “Can you believe this? There are these crazy people who actually COUNT their Rosaries!”

Let me explain this. For those who haven’t been able to make pilgrimage to Rome, this maneuver is CRYSTAL, CRYSTAL clear to everyone who has been to Rome, and to all Romans.

The plaza in front of St. Mary Major is tiny. It only takes maybe three thousand people to fill it. Antipope Bergoglio has seen the EMPTY St. Peter’s Square, which holds 200,000+, for all of his sulphuric eruptions of verbal flatulence over the years, and knows that he is despised by pretty much everyone, ESPECIALLY work-a-day Italians, who have made up the vast majority of huge crowds at St. Peter’s. Folks, I was physically present at Pope Benedict’s “final audience” in St. Peter’s Square on 27 February, ARSH 2013, and when I tell you that we were packed in shoulder-to-shoulder, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest. I HAD to take off my backpack and put it between my feet because there simply wasn’t room to keep it on my back. There were, AT MINIMUM, 200,000 people in St. Peter’s Square that day. Most of them were local Romans, by practical definition.

Today, local Romans wouldn’t urinate on Antipope Bergoglio if he were on fire. The only reason a work-a-day Roman would show up to Antipope Bergoglio’s funeral would be to HECKLE. And rightly so.

Further, Antipope Bergoglio INCENSED the nobility of Europe and the world (such as it is) by the MASSIVE disrespect to Pope Benedict at his funeral in January. EVERYONE agreed that Pope Benedict WAS a sovereign head of state, a monarch, and the fact that he was buried with the level of disrespect that he was infuriated even non-Catholic nobles and aristocrats. Antipope Bergoglio knows that these people will probably not even show up to his send-off.

Finally, and most importantly, Antipope Bergoglio IS NOT THE POPE, and so, this is YET ANOTHER edifying and amazing manifestation of the Divine Providence, making the enemies of Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church TESTIFY THEMSELVES to their own falsity. No, Antipope Bergoglio will most certainly NOT be buried out of St. Peter’s AS IF he were a Pope, because he is not, and never has been.

Ideally, Antipope Bergoglio will be buried in quiet obscurity in Argentina, after he is declared an Antipope and sent packing. Yes, I know this is a long-shot, but it is the IDEAL. And isn’t the history of Christianity and the Church just one spectacular long-shot after another… actually happening, actually coming to pass? Keep fasting and praying. KEEP THE FAITH.

And so let us add YET ANOTHER item to the “Visibility, visibility, visibility” list. NOTHING about this Antipapacy is hidden. No secret knowledge required. As the Gospel from Sunday, and the ferias of this week says, quoting Our Blessed Lord, speaking to the disciples of John the Baptist:

Eúntes renuntiáte Ioánni, quæ audístis et vidístis.

Go and report to John what you have heard and seen.

No, Antipope Bergoglio, most certainly shall NOT be buried out of the Petrine Basilica.

This is the Lord’s doing: and it is wonderful in our eyes.
A Domino factum est istud, et est mirabile in oculis nostris.

Psalm 117: 23

Basilica Of St Mary Major

The plaza of St. Mary Major. Relatively tiny. Pray that antipope Bergoglio is removed and banished from Rome before he dies and can stain Our Lady’s basilica.

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