Sticky post: The Full “Is the Pope Catholic?” Conference – viewing free for all

This really was a fantastic program from start to finish. Dr. Mazza has kindly made it available to all for free. Supernerd has worked up the timestamps below.

“Is The Pope Catholic?” — a conference seeking the Truth about the “Two Popes.” This conference was recorded on Saturday December 9, 2023, and features the following speakers: His Excellency Archbishop Carlo Vigano, Fr. Paul Kramer, Dr. Ed Mazza, Ann Barnhardt, and Elizabeth Yore.


“On The True and False Pope: The Case Against Bergoglio” by Fr. Paul Kramer —

“The Third Secret of Fatima & The Synodal Church: VOL. I Pope Benedict’s Resignation” by Dr. Edmund Mazza —

“Yore children” —

Ann’s Bergoglian Antipapacy homepage


0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Welcome to the Conference
6:36 – Speaker: Father Paul Kramer
46:53 – Speaker: Ann Barnhardt
1:16:20 – Speaker: Dr. Edmund Mazza, part 1
1:49:28 – Listener Q&A, part 1
2:24:57 – Speaker: Dr. Edmund Mazza, part 2
3:02:05 – Speaker: Elizabeth Yore, Esq.
3:53:11 – Speaker: Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
4:29:33 – Listener Q&A, part 2
5:07:31 – Conclusion and Wrap-up


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