The Saturday Night Live reversion files. Today Rob Schneider, next… DENNIS MILLER.

Only serious Elvisphiles appreciated this SNL skit, but I’ve used “Tell Joe Esposito to bring the car around” as a colloquialism for “let’s bounce” in select company for thirty years now.

I’m really glad to hear that Rob Schneider has reverted to the one true faith. His Filipino mother’s side’s prayers worked. Next up, Pittsburgh Catholic boy, Dennis Miller. And don’t forget the Barnhardt Podcast family’s intention for the Podfather, co-Host of the No Agenda Podcast, the lion-maned original MTV VeeJay, Adam Curry. AC has publicly announced that he now professes Christianity, but we need to get him all-in. Full TLM. Saint Tiny Princess, pray for us!

For any Elvis-philes, here’s Rob Schneider, in the powder blue leisure jacket, in the “Tiny Elvis” skit from the early 90s, satirizing Elvis and The Memphis Mafia. Schneider is depicting Sonny West. Kevin Nealon is Red West, Elvis’ bodyguard and Sonny’s cousin, and Chris Farley is Elvis’ driver, Joe Esposito. Hence, ‘tell Joe Esposito to bring the car around’.

Below that is Elvis’ first big single, “Mystery Train” from August of ’55. Pure timeless Rockabilly quality.

Dat’s yuuuuuuuge!

Silly, clean fun.

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