The Catholic Esquire drops a 14 minute “Elevator Pitch” of the “Benedict never validly resigned” argument and it is FANTASTIC!

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My Part 3 video will be 2.5 hours plus expanding on this base premise.

It’s so great to have new voices joining in. The Truth is a big party to which ALL are welcome. Never was the saying “The more, the merrier” more applicable. -AB

Video: Pope Benedict’s failed resignation explained in 14 minutes.

The Miracle of the Sun occurred 106 years ago today at Fatima, as was foretold by the Blessed Virgin Mary. She also foretold many terrible things would happen, unless people repented, and Russia was consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. Things like: “Entire nations shall be annihilated.” We didn’t listen.

Then there is the vision of the bishop in white. Then lastly, there is the part we still haven’t been told, but all the conciliar popes knew, including Pope Benedict. I am quite convinced, though only a hunch, that everything that has transpired these last 11 years (or maybe 65 years) is bound up in the Third Secret. What a privilege to be born into this age.

Here is the video from our friend The Catholic Esquire, shared here with permission. 14 minutes of truth bombs. He covers all the key points, including the idea of synodal papacy as laid out in the Milller dissertation, which is backed up with copious annotation from 1950s-1970s  “leading” German theologians. He covers the +Ganswein speech in May 2016, which lays out in precise detail what Pope Benedict had attempted to do: Half resign, yet remain some kind of pope. Per canon law, if he intended to remain in any way papal, the entire resignation was invalid.

Please share with friends who are about to be scandalized by the “synodal church.” Bergoglio is not the pope, and he never has been.

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