LifeSite reports on and publishes the censored Viganò speech. The cat is out of the bag and it isn’t going back in. Faithful Catholics have known for quite a while that Bergoglio is an Antipope.

Just a sample of the commbox:

J — 2 hours ago

Very interesting how in Michael Matt’s defense video of why he censored (yes, censor is the word, whether he likes it or not) Vigano’s video was how the whole point of the “identity”conference was to “unify” but Canon Law says that the standard of schism itself is the PAPACY; well, then the only logical refutation to Mr. Matt is that unity starts with the Papacy. An open and honest discussion about the the current state of the Papacy since the death of Pope Benedict XVI; nay, since the invalid resignation of Benedict back in 2013. Vigano was absolutely right for wanting to have an “intervention” because the only way we can get back to the standard of unity is to call out the white elephant in the room (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) and that the elephant parading around in white is an anti pope and not the standard of unity at all. Matt spent a near 9 minutes defending himself and even had the audacity to say it was the devil attacking the conference, when on the contrary, God himself wanted to interrupt through a shepherd willing to speak the truth without compromise. I’m with Ann Barnhardt, Doc Mazza and Father Kramer that Bergoglio is an anti pope because Pope Benedict never validly resigned the munus (Canon 332) and through fear and substantial error (Canon 188) decided to remain pope in part (it’s like being partially pregnant; that’s impossible), and thus a conclave can’t be called while the See is occupied (again, all per Canon Law). Even if Bergoglio were saintly and Catholic, the conclave wouldn’t have been valid.

In conclusion, Matt’s opinion of what unity is, is just that, an opinion. But Canon Law says that the standard of unity/schism is the papacy and so, we don’t follow opinions and suggestions, we follow demands and laws the way the Church lays them out. I grimaced as Michael Matt called out “Team Vigano” people trying to stir up trouble and so, to make such an insult to those in the Church who indeed applaud Vigano for speaking up on our behalf, is anything BUT unifying. We all need to have open and honest discussions about the current state of the Church and not let the charity in our hearts grow cold like Our Lord predicted.

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