Nurse Claire sends: Ivermectin plus Fenbendazole shows huge anti-cancer/anti-tumoric properties.

If I had cancer, I’d be on daily Ivermectin and Fenbendazole so fast y’all’s heads would spin. But for me, prophylactic Ivermectin twice per month (I take it on the 1st and 2nd, and 15th and 16th of every month) is as much about cancer prevention as it is about deflecting cold and flu viruses, and whatever Fauci and the US-run Chinese and former-Ukie biolabs (thanks, Putin!) have ready next.

Here is the Fenbendazole cancer protocol site.

Screen cap or print this data. Fenbendazole has been shadowbanned/censored by BigData. On a scientific note, I do find it intriguing that anti-parasitic properties seem to overlap so strongly with anti-virals and anti-tumorics. Maybe someday soon actual science will be allowed again and this can be investigated and honest answers found and made public.

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