Mailbag: A reader in Austria checks in – DeathJab damage being openly discussed

Hi Ann-

I wrote to you in June about my Dad and his receiving Last Rites in his final hours (thank you again for your response, as it gave me a lot of hope for my dad when he passed the next day).

After returning stateside for his funeral I went back overseas – I currently live and work in Austria, which if you may recall, had some of the most draconian measures during the Scamdemic – purebloods banned from stores, venues, etc. – and was gunning to make “vaccination” with the Clot Shot mandatory. Fortunately that was deemed by the courts to be a step too far and the issue was dropped. The vaxpass Papieren Bitte! bull**** was also dropped by March of last year.

Fast forward to today and most people just want to forget the entire ordeal ever happened, except now I guess it’s getting hard to ignore the damage these injections have done/are doing to people. Today in the paper I saw the attached article. A quick rundown is:

“What to do if you have Covid-19 Vaccine injuries?

More and more people are reporting injuries or side-effects from Covid-19 vaccination to our association. The healthcare system currently offers few options and no main contact point for people affected by Covid-19 injections.

Those who are affected are turned away from Long Covid outpatient clinics…….Unfortunately the injured are often not taken seriously by doctors and it is uncertain if their condition will ever improve. This also includes Andrea F. (51), and Gabriela B. (61). Their “martyrdom” (exact word used – German is Martyrium) began with the covid vaccinations 2 years ago. They have such severe limitations that they are at times unable to cope with everyday life.” (Article goes on to say how the aforementioned women have set up a support group for the vaccine injured).

Article ends with: “Covid-19 vaccine injuries have been through a veritable medical marathon and are not being listened to. The diagnoses range from heart disease, thrombosis, micro blood clots, extreme exhaustion and inflammation throughout the body”.

In addition to this article, a few weeks ago I saw four massive posters in a pharmacy highlighting cases of the vaccine injured and those who were discriminated against for not masking/taking the shot. The tagline on each poster translates to: “Everyone knows someone….” I’ll attach a pic of those as well.

People need to keep the pressure on every politician, media personality, celebrity, influencer, doctor, etc. that pushed this poison until justice is finally administered.

Once again, thanks for everything you, Nurse Claire, Dr. Beep, and Supernerd do. Like Havel said, we just need to live in the truth.

God Bless,


“Jeder wird jemanden kennen…”

Everyone knows someone…

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