Please, Sweet Merciful Jesus, send us a holy and manful Monarch like King St. Louis IX. PLEASE.

Slowly, slowly, I think more and more people are coming to the sick realization that “democracy” is and ever was a ticking time bomb built for the inside-out destruction of Christian Civilization. I think people are finally starting to sit down and think in stillness about the inner cities utterly devoid of any morality, about the SJW youth and their middle-aged and Boomer indoctrinators who are completely detached from reality, and at the luciferianism of the political class and realizing that “democracy” did this. And even more chillingly, that democracy can never, ever be the way out of this, and should never be returned to, because to return to it would be the proverbial dog returning to its vomit.

As Americans it is REALLY hard to come to grips with it, much less say it out loud. But, as Nurse Claire’s motto says, “Take your red pill, or you’ll get it by suppository.” Well, the Post-Christian West has its pants around its ankles, and Nurse Ratchet just walked into the room.

As readers of this space know, I think that barring supernatural intervention, we are going to have to reset to Monarchy, several Monarchies, in fact, because it is clearly unwise for one secular monarch to have control of so much landmass, resources and population as North America has. Further, as I have stated before, I am a fan of the ELECTED MONARCH model because I still believe in meritocracy, and have seen far too many examples in all walks of life of the eldest son  being a complete and total dipshit to ever trust such a model. So, let’s have a bunch of small republics following the Venetian model with an elected monarch. The Venetian Republic was founded in ARSH 697 and lasted exactly 1100 years until ARSH 1797. It’s absolutely astounding considering that Venice is a city built in the middle of a lagoon on top of a few million tree trunks pile-drived into the mud.

Another huge point in favor of elected monarchy is the fact that God Almighty Himself incarnated and established the government of His Holy Church on earth SPECIFICALLY AND IMMUTABLY as an ELECTED MONARCHY, and that has lasted coming up on 2000 years now, the present vacancy of the Holy See these 237 days and counting notwithstanding.

So, please, for your own sanity, let go of the “VOTE HAAAARDERRRR!” mindset and get serious about what we’re going to do after this War of Disassociation. It is, in fact, our MORAL DUTY AND OBLIGATION to have a plan BEFORE the hot war begins. The rules of Just War and common sense demand that the counter-revolting side (that is the side that is turning back TOWARDS God, which is us) have a plan for governance such that there is ZERO anarchical power vacuum, because if you think this shit is bad, you cannot fathom in your darkest nightmares what will happen if we get into a genuine full-blown WROL (Without Rule of Law) total anarchy situation. And again, we MUST come to grips with the fact that we can’t just “reboot” the American Constitution, because we will end up EXACTLY in the same mess again, except the second iteration will be faster and worse in every way.


Monarchy CAN work. As the Old Timer who taught me the cattle business explained as I sat in his living room over Labor Day weekend of ARSH 2004, which made my converting brain realize that the Papacy was not only legit, but indispensable:


And not just a meaningless figurehead. Some ONE has to be genuinely in charge, personally responsible, and personally accountable. None of this rule-by-committee (aka “synod”) bullshit.

I have to chuckle at all of these Trad Inc. and academic egghead people today running around decrying the Papacy as a disastrous system in se that has to be “demythologized” and evanesced into meaningless because “Fwanciss is definitely totally Pope!” Show me a man (or harpy) making this argument and I’ll show you someone who has never run a business and/or served in the military. And no, being a CIA spook doesn’t count as military service. Nor does being a closet agnostic who grifts Trad Catholics for $20,000 per month with Legionaries of Christ boilerplate bleeding-heart fundraising while posting unpaid essay submissions to a WordPress blog count as “running a business”.

On the secular side, I think people are cottoning to the fact that the system is set up precisely so that NO ONE IS ACCOUNTABLE. Even if Biden were the President, and didn’t have late-stage dementia, the system is set up such that the Executive Branch can point the finger at the other two branches, and round and round she goes. Biden’s dementia just underscores the point. You can’t deny it now. The man in this system of governance with the most putative personal power, responsibility and accountability shits his pants on the regular and struggles to walk and speak. This folks, is merely the two-by-four to the head of reality demanding that we shed our American indoctrination and acknowledge it.

Now, on his Feast Day, let’s ponder good King St. Louis IX of France, and pray that IF supernatural intervention is NOT what the Divine Providence has in mind, and we need to work this out, that we find a King, a Doge, a Grand Duke, an Archduke – I think Emperor has too much negative baggage (cough, Star Wars, cough), and shouldn’t be used – whatever. And several of them, because this business of the mega-states is just no damn good, as history clearly bears out. The only earthly monarch who should have massive jurisdiction, and in fact, he still does, if we ever get one again, is the Pope. The Pope is the monarch of monarchs. The Pope has plenary jurisdiction over the entire physical universe. But remember, the Pope is also The Servant of servants.

King St. Louis IX, pray for us, and for the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church in terrifyingly visible eclipse, and for the Petrine See, vacant these 237 days.

Mary, Queen of Heaven, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

“Fair son, the first thing I would teach thee is to set thine heart to love God; for unless he love God none can be saved. Keep thyself from doing aught that is displeasing to God, that is to say, from mortal sin. Contrariwise thou shouldst suffer every manner of torment rather than commit a mortal sin.

“If God send thee adversity, receive it in patience and give thanks to our Saviour and bethink thee that thou hast deserved it, and that He will make it turn to thine advantage. If He send thee prosperity, then thank Him humbly, so that thou becomest not worse from pride or any other cause, when thou oughtest to be better. For we should not fight against God with his own gifts.”

“I advise you that you accustom yourself to frequent confession, and that you choose always, as your confessors, men who are upright and sufficiently learned, and who can teach you what you should do and what you should avoid.”

“Love all good, and hate all evil, in whomsoever it may be.”

The instructions which St Louis gave to the heir of his crown and which, he had constantly observed himself, testify to his great devotion and holiness.
These were the last admonitions of the Holy King:

-Love God, the Almighty, above all else.
-Flee sin more quickly than you would a serpent.
-Become not fainthearted in adversity.
-Become not elevated in the days of prosperity.
-Show the wounds of your soul frequently, to your spiritual physician and refuse no remedies, however bitter, to heal them.
-Pray diligently.
-Be compassionate and generous to the poor.
-If your mind is harassed with doubt, consult a devout man.
Keep faithful and pious counsellors around you and dismiss those who are wicked.
-All that is good hold fast: all that is bad discard.
-Lend a willing ear to those who speak of God.
-Listen not to calumniators and slanderers.
-So long as you reign, leave not unpunished those who blaspheme God and the Saints.
-First be grateful to God, then to men.
-Love and protect justice and neither neglect nor despise, the complaints of the needy.
-In your own affairs, when they are not perfectly clear, speak and act against yourself.
-Refund immediately the possessions of others.
-Protect the clergy.
-Love and honour your parents.
-If you are obliged to war against Christians, spare the Churches and the Convents.
-Endeavour to terminate all contentions with kindness.
-Guard all your officials with a watchful eye.
-Ever show due reverence to the Pope.
-Overstep not the bounds of moderation in your expenses.
-When I have departed, let prayers and Masses be said for the repose of my soul.


The sainted king told me that several people among the Albigenses came to the Count of Montfort, who was then guarding the land of the Albigenses for the king, and asked him to come and look at the body of our Lord, which had become blood and flesh in the hands of the priest. And the Count of Montfort said, “Go and look at it yourselves, you who do not believe it. As for me, I believe it firmly, holding as holy Church teaches of the sacrament of the altar. And do you know what I shall gain,” said the count, “in that during this mortal life I have believed as holy Church teaches? I shall have a crown in the heavens, above the angels, for the angels cannot but believe, inasmuch as they see God face to face.”

He told me that there was once a great disputation between clergy and Jews at the monastery of Cluny. And there was at Cluny a poor knight to whom the abbot gave bread at that place for the love of God; and this knight asked the abbot to suffer him to speak the first words, and they suffered him, not without doubt. So he rose, and leant upon his crutch, and asked that they should bring to him the greatest clerk and most learned master among the Jews; and they did so. Then he asked the Jew a question, which was this: “Master,” said the knight, “I ask you if you believe that the Virgin Mary, who bore God in her body and in her arms, was a virgin mother, and is the mother of God?” And the Jew replied that of all this he believed nothing. Then the knight answered that the Jew had acted like a fool when—neither believing in her, nor loving her—he had yet entered into her monastery and house. “And verily,” said the knight, “you shall pay for it!” Whereupon he lifted his crutch and smote the Jew near the ear, and beat him to the earth. Then the Jews turned to flight, and bore away their master, sore wounded. And so ended the disputation.

The abbot came to the knight and told him he had committed a deed of very great folly. But the knight replied that the abbot had committed a deed of greater folly in gathering people together for such a disputation; for there were a great many good Christians there who, before the disputation came to an end, would have gone away misbelievers through not fully understanding the Jews.

“And I tell you,” said the king, “that no one, unless he be a very learned clerk, should dispute with them; but a layman, when he hears the Christian law mis-said, should not defend the Christian law, unless it be with his sword, and with that he should pierce the mis-sayer in the midriff, so far as the sword will enter.”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.