Business suggestion: Reinstate DRESS CODES in “fancier” restaurants. Not only will it NOT hurt your traffic, you’ll have people beating your door down to eat in a civilized environment.

I’ve told restaurant owners for years (excepting, of course, the two and a half years that I didn’t step inside any building outside of my home and my parish church because I refuse to ever wear the CoronaScam religious submission burqa – this is not an exaggeration) to institute DRESS CODES.

They always say, “No, we can’t. We’d be crucified on TripAdvisor, etc.”

I truly believe we are at a pivot point. I truly believe that enough people will flock to places where they aren’t being visually assaulted by fat narcissist slobs in pajamas that it will be a financial boon to higher-end restaurants to have a dress code.

Remember, Barnhardt is always ahead of the curve. 😉

Folks, suggest to all upper-level restaurants that they should institute a dress code. Collared shirts for men. No sweats, track suits, t-shirts, yoga pants. No fat rolls.

They’ll make MORE money, ESPECIALLY if they publicize it. And if some “People of Wal-Mart” roll in and say, “I’m gonna tell everyone I know to not come here!”

You say… “Yes. Please do. PLEASE.” Because you don’t want their business.

Ticket-taking has many forms, and it isn’t always selling-out to those above, it is frequently capitulating and selling out to those BELOW.

What do we want?

Dress codes!

When do we want them?


And this is a PICNIC!!

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.