Open Letter to the City Commission of St. Marys, Kansas: Yes, keeping books out of the public library designed to turn children into sex perverts IS ABSOLUTELY A HILL YOU SHOULD DIE ON.

Here’s a story from a leftist rag in Kansas detailing how City Commissioners in St. Marys, Kansas (fun fact: the proper, official spelling is WITHOUT an apostrophe) are threatening to cancel the lease on the public library which is trying to push sodomitical grooming agitprop on small children.

St. Marys officials again threaten library because of LGBTQ books

Mr. Kleinsmith, I’m sure a good man, needs to think long and hard about his Americanist “freedom of speech at all costs” mindset and EMBRACE censorship. Because CENSORSHIP is his job as a leader of the community and simply as an adult human man. If demoniacs want to push sodomitical, transvestitism agitprop on children, CENSORSHIP IS YOUR CLEAR, GRAVE, IMPERATIVE RESPONSIBILITY TO CARRY OUT. Enough of this ridiculous groveling to the Freemasonic American paradigm wherein the First Amendment is used as a cudgel to justify the physical and spiritual mutilation of CHILDREN, and society as a whole. What would Mr. Kleinsmith’s father, grandfather or great-grandfather have done if some sodomite had rolled into St. Marys 30, 60 or 90 years ago in the demonic costume of a drag queen, demanding access to the local children in order to vampirically infect them with the psycho-spiritual death of SODOMY?

We all know it would have involved lead and a shovel.

The City Commission of St. Marys should immediately pass ANTI-OBSCENITY LAWS prohibiting ANY public display of any act or work depicting sodomy or transvestitism and then ENFORCE THOSE LAWS. Quit this pussyfooting around apologizing for censoring that which any morally sane society knows MUST be censored. And if that means shutting down the library and firing all of the moral degenerate women and faggots running the thing, so be it.  Y’all have a rather spiffy large new church with a rather large basement that I’m sure could house a wonderful children’s library AND a spectacular adult library filled with edifying and enriching works that could serve a large portion of the Great Plains.

This business of sacrificing children and society in general to “Muh Furst Amendmunt” has got to stop. The American Constitutional Republic Project, like Vatican II, is an observable, proven failure. This incident clearly demonstrates it. If the past three years of tyranny didn’t prove this, and now these demands that you grovel and voluntarily hand over your children to the molochian cult of sodomy, I don’t know what will.

If your children don’t constitute “a hill to die on”, then WHAT DOES OR EVER WOULD???

Go into that library, physically destroy every book containing sodomitical filth, and then fire everyone even remotely involved. And if you need to, shut the damn thing down entirely. Children can survive without a library. Children CANNOT survive being inculcated into the living death of sodomy and transvestitism.

Here’s a video showing how real men handle public obscenity, namely an advertisement for a sodomy website. Men of St. Marys, watch and learn.


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