At this point, I recommend Ivermectin as a topical treatment of ANY type of open flesh wound- insect bite, animal bite, scratch, cut, scrape, blister, boil, incision, laceration, rash, skin cancer (!!)….

(I think that the horse paste is the best preparation for skin application because of its viscosity. It’s perfect for spreading a thin layer over the skin. As always, I hope and pray that this helps – even ONE person.

Alpha Bravo)

Dear Ann:

I wanted to share with you another Ivermectin story.

A friend recently mentioned he had a small possible pre-cancerous spot removed from his ear. The scab was not healing, and he was experiencing a random tingling in that spot. I recalled reading the letter you posted about using it on a dog bite, so I suggested he try putting Ivermectin on the scab to see if it would help.

He started applying it on a Saturday and by Tuesday, the scab had healed and he’s not feeling anymore tingling. Amazing!!

Thank you for sharing those letters, and for everything you do.

God Bless,


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