Movie Recommendation: ARSH 1931 Silent Film on St. Anthony of Padua

This is a great film of the life of St. Anthony. It is very interesting and beautiful, and the sound track is a mix of “greatest hits” of Classical music. The narration cards are in English and Italian, as it is an Italian-produced film. St. Anthony died 792 years ago today. If you don’t know much about him, this film will help you get to know one of the most universally beloved saints of the Church.

“The Creator of the Heavens obeys a carpenter; the God of Eternal Glory listens to a poor virgin. Has anyone ever witnessed anything comparable to this? Let the philosopher no longer disdain from listening to the common laborer; the wise, to the simple; the educated, to the illiterate; a child of a prince, to a peasant.

-St. Anthony of Padua, died June 13, ARSH 1231

St. Anthony, pray for us!

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