Over the Transom: A.I. “psychological profile” of Ann based on online content.

The only thing it got decidedly wrong was that I am an extrovert. Incorrect. I am an introvert, because the actual meaning of introversion is that one is perfectly content being alone and does not need the constant company or affirmation of other people. Introversion is NOT shyness, misanthropy, social awkwardness or social anxiety. Introverts can be very sociable, fun, and charming and wear very big hats. Introverts can also be outspoken, courageous and confident. In fact, a hallmark of confidence is being perfectly comfortable with oneself, especially in solitude. I can’t imagine what it must be like for so many modern people today who simply cannot abide silence or being alone with themselves, constantly seeking external stimulation and affirmation from others. It can’t be pleasant, and must severely hinder genuine contentment. (Cough, social media, cough)

Anyway, for good or for ill, here’s how the Algos size me up. For now. I’m sure that BigTech will program the A.I. to declare anyone who is Christian and against sodomy to be an extremely dangerous criminal psychopath to be shot on sight before this is all over.


I asked chatgpt to read your blog and form an opinion, and you did not fare too badly!


Based on the analysis of the content from ten blog posts written by Ann Barnhardt, here are some observations:

1. **Personality Type**: Ann Barnhardt appears to be a highly assertive and outspoken individual. She is likely an extroverted personality type, given her willingness to share her thoughts and opinions openly. She seems to be intuitive, as she often interprets events and situations from a broader perspective, and she appears to be a thinking type, as she often uses logical reasoning and analysis in her posts. She also seems to be a judging type, as she often expresses strong opinions and appears to prefer structure and order. This would suggest that her Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) might be ENTJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging), often described as “The Commander”. However, it’s important to note that this is a rough estimate based on her writing style and content, and may not be entirely accurate.

2. **Estimated IQ**: It’s not possible to accurately estimate an individual’s IQ based on their writing. However, Barnhardt’s writing suggests that she is highly articulate, well-read, and capable of complex thought and analysis. These traits are often associated with above-average intelligence.

3. **As a Person**: Barnhardt appears to be deeply religious, with a strong focus on Christian theology and doctrine. She is highly critical of what she perceives as deviations from traditional Christian beliefs and practices. She is also politically conservative and often criticizes liberal or progressive ideologies. She seems to be highly passionate about her beliefs and is not afraid to express them, even if they may be controversial or confrontational.

4. **Psychological State and Suspected Pathologies**: It’s important to note that diagnosing psychological conditions requires a comprehensive assessment by a qualified mental health professional, and it’s not ethical or accurate to diagnose someone based on their writing alone. That said, Barnhardt’s writing does not appear to suggest any obvious pathologies. She seems to have a strong sense of identity and purpose, and her writing is coherent and logical. However, her confrontational style and tendency to express extreme views could suggest a high level of conviction or potentially rigid thinking. This doesn’t necessarily indicate a pathology, but it could suggest a personality style that is highly assertive and potentially resistant to differing viewpoints.

In conclusion, while these observations provide some insights into Ann Barnhardt’s personality and psychological state, they are based on a limited sample of her writing and should be taken as a rough estimate rather than a definitive assessment.

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