Wisdom: let us be attentive. Mother Wilhelmina Lancaster

I haven’t posted on this yet as I was initially waiting for more information, specifically if Mother had been embalmed (NO), and what sort of coffin she was interred in (basically a “cremation box” as it is called in the mortuary trade, the simplest possible coffin). Then more information came to light which I can’t discuss (sorry), that has led me to believe that I really need to be seeking Mother’s intercession – actively. I’d encourage one and all to do the same. The Communion of Saints is very, very real, folks, and it transcends time and space to form connections that none of us could ever imagine. The General Judgment, when ALL is revealed, is going to be astounding, to put it mildly.

Letter from Mother Wilhelmina Lancaster to Pope John Paul II, 19 Jan ARSH 1991:

Most Holy Father:
I see no need for an African rite.
I see no need for an American rite.
I see no need for an African-American rite.
I adhere to the Roman rite. Latin is the official language of the Roman rite. Gregorian chant is the official music of the Roman rite.
I am a subject of Christ’s kingdom, which is not of this world.
Our Lord Jesus Christ founded one Church for all men regardless of skin color, regardless of living conditions, regardless of mother tongue. Everyone must die to himself and put on Christ. “Forget your people and your father’s house,” the Psalm says.
Please, Holy Father, listen to the cry of UNA VOCE; Establish a Traditional Ordinariate Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary!—p. 100 God’s Will; Benedictines of Mary.

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