June ARSH 2023 Barnhardt Subscription Drive (Believe me, I hate this exponentially more than you do. 😖)

I’ve been counseled repeatedly that this is actually good for me spiritually – a contention which I vehemently resist. The issue here for me is humility, which I lack, and dripping pride, and so even after a decade-plus of going off-grid to live in the proverbial Van Down By the Watercourse, I still fight being what I am: a very well-groomed beggar. BUT, I shall continue to attempt to provide whatever this is: service? Entertainment? Various and sundry ways to stick it to the NewWorldOrder, BigPharma, and Antichurch?

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered daily for my Benefactors and Supporters (no purchase necessary, batteries not included), and even if you, like others, decide at some future date that you hate me and that I’m evil incarnate and have been tricking you for all of these years, or I am at minimum some sort of paid infiltrator (man, the General Judgment is going to be REALLY embarrassing for a LOT of people just with regards to me), once on you NEVER come off the list. Ever.

So, my financial priority is STACKING, prepping, and paying rent as far forward as is prudent, which in my mind is six months.

After this latest move, which was JUST completed Monday (all my stuff was moved on March 30, but the domicile wasn’t habitable – so I camped out of two suitcases in my previous parking spot for two months, which ABSOLUTELY WAS salutary for me), I am now finally ensconced in my new home, albeit without a kitchen or furniture. I have water, electricity, a bed, a sink, a flushing toilet, and a camp shower. Good enough! As in many places, contractors are nearly impossible to come by here, so everything takes ten times longer than normal.

But the most important thing I have, and the entire reason for being here, is the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass in the Venerable Gregorian Rite in all its earthly perfection, without any possibility of interruption. And really, for someone in my position, that is LITERALLY all that matters.


—if you are completely financially secure

—you tithe wisely and appropriately to the Church,

—-you pay all of your bills on time,

—you have money just burning in a hole in your pocket,

—-you can’t think of any other donation outlet, and

—- you get some “value” from the Barnhardt blog, Podcast, video oeuvre, or anything else, might I recommend in all cringe and humiliation, possibly considering a donation, one-time or recurring, through my ContinueToGive donation portal? I’ve been with CtG for almost a decade, and they are flawless. The CEO is literally my customer service rep, for all of the three questions I’ve had in ten years.

IF you should happen to have Wise, my Wise handle is the oh-so-cryptic [email protected] .

Finally, and most importantly, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has given me a single dime in the past, to everyone on the donation rolls today, and to all future donors that I haven’t met yet. I pray for you all ASSIDUOUSLY every day, and after every Mass. ASSIDUOUSLY.

Years ago, when I first put up a donation button, a demoniac emailed in, “What are you going to do? Pray to Baby J?”

And here I am, ten years later, doing EXACTLY that. Even the demons testify to the power and loving dominion of The Lord Our God, Jesus Christ. Remembering always that the fruit of the Third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity of Our Lord, is the SPIRIT OF POVERTY.

Saint Joseph, pray for us. Saint Peter, pray for us. Saint Anne, pray for us. Saint Philip Neri, pray for us. Saint Andrew, pray for us. Saint Catherine of Siena, pray for us. Saint Vincent Ferrer, pray for us. Saint Remigius, pray for us. Saint Cajetan, pray for us. Saints Benedict and Scholastica, pray for us. Saint Tiny Princess, pray for us. Mother Wilhelmina Lancaster, pray for us.

Our Lady of Copacabana, pray for us.

Infant Jesus of Prague, have mercy on us.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.