(Originally penned and posted on March 19, ARSH 2013. Even I am freaked out by how prescient the final paragraph is. -AB ’23)

If I had a band, I’d name it “Spectral Doughnut”. But I don’t, so anyone who wants the name can have it.

Did you know that the official, fancy-pants mathematical term for a doughnut is “torus”? Well, not for a doughnut as a foodstuff, but for the shape of a doughnut: a tube bent around such that the two endpoints connect.

Conceptually, the torus is everywhere in life. Extremes on either side of a human spectrum have the nasty habit of being the same position. The most obvious example of this is in the political sphere, and while I’m not much of a Glenn Beck fan, Beck did explain this a few years ago. The far left is all about totalitarian control by a cadre of oligarchs. There really isn’t any such thing as a true dictatorship, because one man cannot physically force an entire government or people to do his will. He will always have a cadre of enablers and henchmen around him, and if he loses the support of that cadre of henchmen, they will kill him. Thus even the most seemingly solitary dictator is really just a frontman for an oligarchy. Dictatorial oligarchies use brute force to impose their will and have no respect for the Rule of Law. They consider themselves to be the law. If they want it, they take it, and if you don’t like that, they kill you. In modern politics, the most brutal thug with the worst case of psychopathy wins.

The far right is the same thing. The far right is anarchy, which means no government. This is also referred to as “unrestrained capitalism”.  The idea of “no government” sounds good on the surface, especially when you’re faced with the truly satanic government we have now, until you realize that also means NO RULE OF LAW. Likewise with the idea of “unrestrained capitalism”, also sometimes called “Anarcho-capitalism”.  It sounds good on the surface, right?  Not that “unrestrained capitalism” actually exists anywhere.  The closest any economy ever gets to “unrestrained capitalism” is actually a two-layered paradigm wherein the oligarchs are indeed completely unrestrained and can steal at will with zero recourse by the victims, and everyone not in the oligarch class is literally regulated into the ground.  A true, universally unrestrained capitalism is a nonexistent boogey-man used by Marxists to demonize and vilify capitalism, and a shallow and desperately naive fantasy of a handful of economists – most of whom have clearly never had any meaningful experience with markets or business.  But even in the realm of thought exercises, this universal anarchy clearly leads to hell also.  Every man for himself. In this environment, once again, the most brutal thug with the worst case of psychopathy wins.  Oddly, “unrestrained capitalism” has only manifested when a far-left oligarchy comes to power – as stated above.

Pardon you? Hell, I won't even INDICT you! Hell, I won't even QUESTION you! Pardon you? Hell, I won’t even indict you! Hell, I won’t even QUESTION you! (Barry Soetoro and Jon Corzine)

While the philosophical paths may differ, the ends are exactly the same. No matter which arm of the doughnut you favor, if you move away from logic, reason and truth, proceeding out of which is charity in the true sense of the word, meaning love of neighbor, not just throwing “free stuff” at the nebulous conceptual mob of “the people” or “the poor”, or as with anarchy a total indifference toward neighbor, you are going to end up with exactly the same end: an elite, minuscule, ruling class with a massive, brutally oppressed underclass, and lots and lots of dead bodies. In both the far left and far right, to quote Obama’s Manufacturing czar Ron Bloom quoting Mao: All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.

That is only partially true. All political power in a godless regime, either far right or far left, comes from the barrel of a gun. In a Godly monarchy, the power comes from God Himself. The same could possibly be said of an early Godly republic, but history proves that republics never last long.

Socialism and unrestrained capitalism are basically the same thing: the two arms of the torus touch. Marxist-socialist-communist systems forcibly steal the property of the underclass and deliver it into the insatiably greedy hands of the minuscule oligarch class. Unrestrained capitalism does EXACTLY the same thing. A minuscule cadre of what are today called banksters, but used to be called robber barons, forcibly confiscate, in simple terms STEAL, the property of the underclass and hoard it for themselves. It is the same thing. This is why these banksters, who one would at first blush think of as capitalists, are always found in bed with Marxist politicians. Marxism and unrestrained capitalism are essentially the same thing: theft and looting of the underclasses by a cadre of super-rich oligarchs, with zero rule of law, only the brutal rule of men from the barrel of a gun.

This has become so clear today because the banksters and Marxist politicians now routinely swap jobs. Jon Corzine went from Goldman Sachs to the United States Senate and the New Jersey statehouse back out into MF Global. Hank Paulsen went from Goldman Sachs to heading the U.S. Treasury Department. Almost all politicians after leaving office either by being voted out or retiring (if they ever do), usually go straight onto corporate boards. For the politicians that never retire, they place their family members in corporate positions.

Bottom line: beware of ANYONE who is constantly pushing one of these political or economic extremes, because both move AWAY FROM GOD, and ultimately meet up in the same place: hell. When far leftists are beating the drum of “the poor” and “the people”, that means there is about to be a massive, and utterly dehumanizing confiscation of wealth, which will end up in the hands of the oligarchs, and the poor will get poorer, thus “necessitating” more dehumanizing confiscations in the name of “the poor”. And that is when the dead bodies REALLY start to pile up. Run away from that evil at full speed. And when capitalism becomes unrestrained and there is no Rule of Law, and all that matters is who you know and what connections you have, and the only way to “succeed” is to be a thieving thug psychopath, then run away at full speed. That’s what I did.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.