The pinnacle of human sexual perversion: ASEXUALITY… the obvious Luciferian end goal of so-called “transsexualism”.

File this under “obvious truths that no one is talking about”.

Adult content warning here, folks.

When a human being takes hormones and surgically mutilates and removes their genitalia, the person is rendered functionally asexual. A girl or woman who has had her clitoris mutilated or removed will not be experiencing an orgasm, no matter how much some pervert monster masquerading as a doctor tries to glue a transplanted muscle onto her pubis and call it a penis. And the doctors know this, obviously. A boy or man who takes female hormones and has his penis chopped off will likewise never experience an orgasm, no matter how much a demon in human skin masquerading as a doctor drills a hole in his perineum, shoves a molly into the fistula, and declares it a vagina. And the doctors know this, obviously.

The so-called “drag queens” are mostly depraved perverted men who not only have no interest in losing their masculine libidos or capacity for penetration and normal orgasm, but are either predators of women and girls, or sodomites, both with a depraved kink fetish for self-debasement by wearing women’s attire and grotesque demonic makeup.

This is different from the boys and men, and girls and women who have their genitals removed, thus rendering them asexual, unable to feel anything. The only things they can do are sodomitical: they all still have rectal vaults, mouths, and hands, and so IF they engage in sodomy – WHICH IS ALL THEY ARE PHYSICALLY CAPABLE OF, AND THEREFORE ANY VOLUNTARY GENITAL ACT THEY ENGAGE IN FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES IS, BY DEFINITION, MORTALLY SINFUL, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF ORGASM – they are just pieces of meat being used by someone else who is physically intact for masturbatory friction.

These mutilated children and adults are victims of human sacrifice just as much, and perhaps even more than the people who had their hearts cut out of their chests by the Aztecs, or the vestal virgins who were tossed into volcanoes. At least those poor people died quickly. These mutilated people, whether by their own consent, or children made human sacrifices by their parents or teachers, remain alive, permanently tortured, many used as de facto sex slaves by intact perverts.

So, what’s going on here? Hasn’t the human orgasm been set up as THE pinnacle and telos of human existence? Isn’t the Freemasonic-Antichurch culture of death driven towards the endgame of orgasms for all by any means necessary, and with zero connection, commitment, or responsibility?

No. That isn’t the FINAL Luciferian goal for humanity. To see what the real end game is, we need to look to… Japan. As I have said for years, the Japanese are at the point of the spear, the cutting edge, in terms of human depravity and perversion. The Japanese, more than any other pagan society, descend into human evil that is incomprehensible when they have no constraints. The Japanese are the most brutal and sadistic torturers on earth. They are despised by the Chinese and the Koreans for a reason. Look up the Rape of Nanking… or maybe don’t.

The Japanese have had as cultural norms suicide, euthanasia, male sodomy, pedophilia and transvestism for centuries. They are WAY ahead of the post-Christian west on that curve. But what has happened in Japan recently is something that is new in human history, and it is the peak in human perversion: mass asexuality. Young Japanese men have completely lost interest in sex, and even in sodomy. They are so severely narcissistic that they have lost any and all desire whatsoever for anything even tangentially related to the procreative function, even the perverted manifestations.

I first learned about this dynamic in ARSH 2015 when researching Diabolical Narcissism. I had the misfortune of crossing paths with a Diabolical Cerebral Narcissist sodomite. His family later explained to me that he, by his own testimony, oscillated between phases, oftentimes years in duration, of intense sodomitical activity and what he described as “asexuality”. My research confirmed that this phasic linkage is very common among cerebral DNs, and that almost all cases of “asexuality” are really just a phase that is coupled with a perversion of some stripe, or an outright lie to cover for abberosexuality. And so we see that true, consistent asexuality has not only been historically rare, but is the furthest afield perversion, a narcissism so intense that it blots out all desire for any human connection at all. The total absence of relationship- truly hell on earth.

I know that it is surprising and counter-intuitive to think that somehow NOT having sexual impulses could be worse than having them, and I think this confusion comes from the fact that asexuality has historically been so incredibly rare, precisely because it is perversion in extremis. It is also utterly essential to make the distinction between the categories of BEING and DOING (we’ve trod this path well in the context of the Office of the Papacy – being the Pope – and the Ministries of the Papacy – optional things that a Pope does).

Just because someone doesn’t DO sexual acts doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t a completely psycho-sexually normal person. It SHOULD simply mean that he or she is CHASTE.



Anyone who is unmarried or widowed, anyone who has taken religious vows, anyone who is physically apart from his or her spouse, anyone who is married but prevented by illness or injury from the marital act, all of these people are or should be 100% normal heterosexuals, which is to say… HUMAN.

There is only one “sexual orientation”: heterosexual. Every human being is heterosexual. Period. Tab A, slot B. Heterosexuality is intrinsic and quintessential to being human. Note the verb: BEING. Not necessarily DOING, but BEING. The categories outlined in the paragraph above are NOT asexual. Asexuality is NOT “human”. It is the supreme perversion of the sexual aspect of BEING human. Which is why Japan will probably self-annihilate, as will the post-Christian west barring supernatural intervention. The demographic collapse since the introduction of the birth control pill by itself is enough, and now we have sodomy being aggressively inculcated, with the pièce de résistance, surgical and chemical asexuality under the guise of the fiction of “sex changes” all driving toward extinction by sterilization. And for any intransigent heterosexual breeder hold-outs, why, there’s the Death Injections, which are known, proven sterilants.

Pull the focus back and see the big picture, who is ultimately driving the plot, and what the agenda truly is: the total cessation of human reproduction, with asexuality, preferably as a result of the human sacrifice of bodily mutilation borne from intense Diabolical Narcissism, the voluntary purgation of all love from the soul, as the primary cause. Pure, unadulterated Satanism.

Christ, save us.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.