Confirmation that dressing beautifully and modestly is the right thing to do.

Over the transom, this. Do you remember my recent post on the video of the woman walking down the street, simply being reasonably well-dressed and getting stared-at?

Well, THIS… female… doesn’t like it one bit.

I grew up thinking wearing a short skirt, or going braless or showing cleavage means I’m asking for attention, people won’t take me seriously, or men will take it as an invitation or make assumptions about me. It has taken me years to unpack this and realise that underwire shouldn’t be the reason someone respects me or thinks I’m hot.

Speaking of the naked truth, posted because context here is essential: the angry author:

This poor, poor gal.

I’m not so cruel so as to leave you without an offset, so here is the final installation of Ann’s Dresses:

Funny story about the white dress. I wore it to Mass one Sunday last summer with my big green hat, and a young male friend was in town visiting. As we stopped into a spot for a post-Mass refreshment, a man sitting outside offered us his warmest congratulations on having just been married. On a Sunday at 12:30pm, with me in a big green hat. I guess these days ANY solid white dress seems like a wedding dress to most people.

I took an obligatory picture of my “wedding ensemble”. 🤣 And yes, I use beautiful costume jewelry pins to raise and secure the neckline of dresses just a bit.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.