Antipope Bergoglio to fart out another totally invalid document on Holy Monday, just to try to ruin Easter, totally “banning” Ordinations, Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings in the Roman Rite – Novus Ordo only!

Welp, the former Ecclesia Dei communities are going to have to make a choice: capitulate to Antipope Bergoglio, or lose most of their seminarians, big donors, and a good chunk of the faithful to the SSPX.

Frankly, I’m glad it’s coming to a head. I’m moving next month precisely so that none of this will affect me – as it turns out, just a few days before this Luciferian stagecraft is set to drop: April 3rd. Holy Monday.

And, it’s going to be labeled, falsely of course, an “Apostolic Constitution”, which is the highest ranking papal magisterial document, if it were being issued by an actual Pope instead of being farted by an Antipope who is probably the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist.

Remember, every bit of power that Antipope Bergoglio has is what is freely given to him by the cowardice of men who should have called him out and removed him as the criminal usurper Antipope that he is. Antipope Bergoglio has zero REAL authority. All he has is deception and the cowardice of others. This is why I say that the greatest act of violence that can be done against the Papacy, divinely instituted by Christ Himself as a gift to His Holy Church, is to call a man “Peter” who is not Peter. And it seems we are all going to find out exactly how much it is going to take to get people to understand this simple and obvious truth.

Here is the link to the German blog, and the full algorithmic translation below.

Our Roman source has spoken out with new information and clarifications about the awaited Apostolic Constitution to push traditional teaching and its rite out of the life of the Church.

According to this, the focus of the document is the express ban on administering the sacraments and sacramentals in the traditional form, as regulated in the traditional Roman ritual or the pontificale. Baptism, marriage, confirmation – only in the new rite and in Latin only insofar as they are performed in Latin within a celebration of the NO. Our source could not say to what extent a special permit is required for the latter, as is already the case in some US dioceses.

This ban also expressly applies to the ordination of deacons and priests – in the future, even in communities that are faithful to tradition, they may only take place according to the reform (Novus Ordo) liturgy. The administration of the sacramentals traditionally referred to as “minor consecrations” – for which there is no new rite – is prohibited.

The “freedom” of the priests of the traditional communities, celebrating Mass after the Traditional missal without special permission is restricted to use within the “canonically established” houses of these communities.

This current information, which apparently goes beyond the status of mere rumours, also names Holy Week as the publication date of the document – i.e. probably the anniversary of Paul VI’s Constitution Missale Romanum. on the 3rd of April.

The intentions of the new and undoubtedly “unconstitutional” legislation of the Bergoglio Pope (sic), which is specified here, are becoming increasingly clear: the traditional liturgy (and teaching, because that is what it is ultimately about) is to be made more and more invisible and pushed over the edge. Go over there! If possible, the “normal believer” should no longer come into contact with what has been Catholic for two thousand years – and if he does, then with the bad conscience of doing something “forbidden”. spiritual abuse at the highest level; the Pope (sic) as a murderer of souls?

The second target of the attack is the communities of tradition, which are to be attacked in their innermost being through the prohibition or strictest restriction of their pastoral work and in particular through the prohibition of consecration in the traditional rite. Its members are also to be forced to understand the two-thousand-year history of the Church of Christ as an outdated, even closed chapter, and to swear an oath of allegiance to the Church of the Zeitgeist, which was re-enlivened by the “spirit of Vatican II” and newly founded by the “Pistolero from the Pampas.” The concrete effects this will have on the seminarians and the young talent situation of the institutes should soon become apparent.

Two recent observations confirm the trend and justify the worst fears. For one, in a recent speech, the current “occupant” of the See of Peter said he had moral reservations about homosexuality. This earned him a reprimanding “Dubium” from his brother Jesuit James Martin. Francis (sic) answered this immediately, contrary to his usual dealings with dubia, and with a handwritten letter in which he diligently apologized and suggested a reading of his statements that was more agreeable to the “homo-Pope”.

The second is perhaps even more typical: With detailed decrees at the beginning of the month, Francis (sic) founded a more practically oriented “Laudato Si Education Center for ecological conversion” and a more theoretically working “Laudato Si Study Center for ecological reorientation”. Both institutions were endowed with extensive institutional and financial privileges and were assigned the summer papal residence of Castel-Gandolfo, used by previous popes, as premises for their undoubtedly extremely beneficial activities. Extensive renovation work is said to have already begun in this Borgo Laudato-Si, which is now to be called that.

Never was, is not, and never will be.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.