Q: Isn’t it true that if Pope Benedict did only resign “the active ministry for the governance of the Church”, that legally means that he resigned the whole Office?

Q: Isn’t it true that if Pope Benedict did only resign “the active ministry for the governance of the Church”, that legally means that he resigned the whole Office?

A: Absolutely not: resignation from only “participation in governance” is NOT considered resignation of office, and we have a clear legal precedent on this that is shockingly similar that we have discussed previously in this space: Blessed Emperor Charles I of Austria.

In ARSH 1918 at the tail end of the forgotten Freemasonic war which we call World War I, the Freemasons were in the final push to eliminate ALL monarchies from Europe, as the necessary antecedent to the true goal of Freemasonry – the destruction of the Catholic Church by the striking and elimination of the earthly Monarch of Monarchs – the Pope.  The “Last Man Standing” in Europe was Blessed Emperor Charles I (Karl) of Austria, a saintly man devoted to his people and to Holy Mother Church.

What Blessed Emperor Charles did in the face of the Freemasonic overthrow of his country and his government was to proffer a statement of RENUNCIATION OF PARTICIPATION IN STATE AFFAIRS, while NOT abdicating, and thus retaining the Office of Emperor.

“In November 1918, the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was unstoppable. Following the recommendation of government, Emperor Karl I decided to give up his reign. He signed a declaration to this effect on 11 November 1918.

In this waiver Karl I stressed that he would not stand in the way of national development and thus relinquished his participation in its administration. Consequently, he released members of the Austrian government from their offices.

Since Karl I had not formally abdicated the throne, he had to leave Austria. On 12 November 1918 German-Austria was proclaimed as a republic.”

Note well how both the Freemasonic government of the newly-formed Germany-Austria republic AND HISTORY has judged this act: Blessed Emperor Charles DID NOT ABDICATE and thus was forced into exile by the Freemasons – because they all knew damn good and well that Blessed Charles WAS STILL THE EMPEROR AND HAD NOT ABDICATED.

Remember the difference here folks: The Emperor of Austria is NOT the Vicar of Christ on Earth, is NOT the VISIBLE PRINCIPAL OF UNITY of Holy Mother Church on earth, and DOES NOT enjoy either the grace of state or the negative supernatural protection that the Successor of St. Peter does.  

If you fail or refuse to consider the Papacy AND current events in light of the SUPERNATURAL dynamic that the Papacy has, that is to say in light of FAITH, you will miss what is right in front of your nose, and probably start spewing without shame jaw-droppingly blasphemous and internally contradictory Freemasonic talking points like:

-the Pope can totally be a type of Antichrist

-that the entire Church for 2000 years has been built upon IDOLATRY of the Papacy – “Papolatry”, and only now do we have the true, deep, enlightened knowledge and have “figured this out”

-Only now do we understand that the Papacy is a meaningless figurehead position, and that we must PICK AND CHOOSE what we believe from what a Pope teaches, because the REAL “POPE” lives inside each of our heads

-That schism not only isn’t a sin, it is a virtue, and we all need to, as a very prominent Trad theologian/liturgist/composer just recently declared at a conference in Rome, steps from the Vatican, “get used to the idea of being in schism.” And Luther burning in hell let out a squeal of satisfaction.

You guys realize this is basically the entire core premise of Freemasonry, right? The deification of the human intellect?  And you see that this is EXACTLY what Trad Inc. is now pushing, declaring people who do not subscribe to this Freemasonic philosophy of being in mortal sin and – in gobsmackingly glaring violation of the Law of Non-contradiction – in schism?  Yes, that’s right. These people are so intellectually tied in knots that they’re bellowing that one must simultaneously hold Jorge Bergoglio to be the Principal of Unity and Standard of Schism AND be in schism with him. All so these people can keep a middling paycheck and/or career track. It is GLARINGLY obvious what is going on here.  Satan is playing people like cheap fiddles.

All of the VISIBLE proof sets that we have today with regards to Pope Benedict’s exclusive retention of the Petrine Office are the workings of the Divine Providence.  God is SO GOOD, and SO POWERFUL.

November ARSH 2022. The Holy Father looks quite good in this picture.

Here is the English translation of Blessed Charles’ letter of “renunciation of participation in state affairs”.

Since I came to the throne I have ceaselessly strived to lead my people out of the horrors of war, for whose outbreak I bear no blame.
I have not hesitated to rebuild the constitutional life and have opened the way for the people to develop their own national identity.

Now as before filled with unwavering love for all my people, I do not wish to be a barrier to the freedom of their development.

I acknowledge in advance the decision that Germany-Austria is making about its future system of government.

The people have through their representatives taken over the government. I hereby renounce any part in state affairs.

At the same time I relieve my Austrian government of its office.

May the people of Germany-Austria create and consolidate the reorganisation in the spirit of harmony and forgiveness. The happiness of my people was my most cherished goal from the beginning.

Only inner peace can heal the wounds of this war.

So, here we have clear historical proof that partial resignation or WAIVER from only participation in “state affairs” or “the active governance” IS NOT A RENUNCIATION OF OFFICE.

“A waiver is the voluntary relinquishment or surrender of some known right or privilege.”

-Do we not see that the players here are EXACTLY the same, that this is all a continuation and coming-to-fruition of the Freemasonic project – taking over and replacing the Catholic Church by striking the Papacy, as explicitly laid out by no less than Pope Leo XIII himself in a full Encyclical exclusively on the topic of the agenda, threat and war against the Church by Freemasonry??

-It is acknowledged at the highest levels of the Church that Pope Benedict CLEARLY believes himself to still be Pope (which he is), with his repeated giving of “MY APOSTOLIC BLESSING” in writing to actually be considered the most glaring and legally compelling proof of this, above and beyond even the retention of the Papal white, the title, and the Papal style (His Holiness), with his “confirming the brethren” in various letters and books also considered very strong evidence.  Pope Benedict’s denials are the fruit of a SUBSTANTIALLY ERRONEOUS belief in his ability to“fundamentally transform” the Papacy into a “demythologized, collegial, synodal ministry” (FULL TEXT HERE), or some level of coercion, or, most likely, a combination of both.


If you would like to read more on this, here is my original piece which links back to Maike Hickson’s reportage on this back in ARSH 2017.

What Pope Benedict XVI proffered in February of ARSH 2013 in legal terms WAS A PARTIAL WAIVER, NOT A RESIGNATION.

I hope this helps.

Blessed Emperor Charles and Servant of God Zita, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and on your Holy Church.

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