Stickypost: Fall Mazzamester at Mazza-U begins October 18th!


Dear Student,
We’re so happy to let you know that Mazza classes are now only 3 weeks away!

Thanks to all of you who have already signed up (and taken advantage of our discounted pricing). Sign-up by October 8th to get the discounted pricing!

Tuesday October 18th “Papal History: What you don’t know might hurt you! (The first 500 years)” begins.

Wednesday October 19th “Spiritual Warfare (Good vs Evil): Resist the Power of the Dark Side!” begins.

Enroll today at
(Sign-up by October 8th to get the discounted pricing!)

And… sometime this Fall (God-willing) the long-awaited Mazza book on The Papacy and Pope Benedict’s Resignation is to be published!

Lastly, requesting prayers for our family as we have some health challenges at the moment.

Thanks again.
God Bless,
Dr. Ed

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