Buckle-up, Buccaroos. Looks like Russia has the receipts on the ARSH 2020 “election”. No wonder the Washington DC cabal is agitating for nuclear war.

It is a truism, to which I can personally testify, that malignant human beings will engage in all-out war against a person or persons who have eyewitnessed and “have the receipts” on the malignant actors’ hidden misdeeds and frauds as a preemptive tactic to avoid being exposed.

IF Russia has the receipts on the 2020 “election”, then YES, I believe the Washington DC deep state/New World Order would engage in literal nuclear war in order to maintain their power. Millions of casualties would be a feature, not a bug. Remember, they are Malthusians. They want a 90+% reduction in the human population, as soon as possible, with a preference for killing white, culturally Christian people first.

Stay confessed.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.