How to combat the Bergoglian Antichurch/Coviet Union’s campaign to make everyone into a Diabolical Narcissist: PRAY EVERY DAY FOR YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU HAVEN’T MET YET.

I started praying for my friends that I hadn’t met yet almost a decade ago when I was proverbially hit in the face by meeting people on my pilgrimage to Rome that were literally on the other side of the world from me, in every possible sense, and who are to this day close friends. I was at Mass one evening and the thought popped into my mind that I should have been praying for these people all along – people with whom I was on a collision course through space and time within the Divine Providence.

Today, this dynamic continues apace, certainly for me. It’s a steady stream of new friends, many of whom come and stay with me in the proverbial Van Down By the Second River. Just the new friends I’ve made this year, sometimes under tragic circumstances, constitute a litany.

Now, imagine the friends we have YET to make. Imagine who we will meet in prison, in the camps, in the trenches of the coming war. Imagine the people that The Divine Providence has put on a direct collision course with YOU, via this civilizational collapse, this driving of the One True Church into the literal underground, and the coming war.

Take my advice: start praying for these people NOW. Why wait? Why delay? We know that they exist- that new friends are out there, somewhere, right this minute, living their lives. Why should our charity toward them, our LOVE, be limited by space OR time?

The Bergoglian Antichurch/Freemasonic New World Order is trying to create as many Diabolical Narcissists, people voluntarily self-purgated of Charity, as possible… EXACTLY like its ideological sibling and partner, islam. Don’t fall for it. Know and trust the there are people in your future that you love.

Not everyone is awful. Not everyone is evil, or a pervert. There are lots of really wonderful humans out there, including for you as your friends. Never doubt this, and pray for them so that when you meet them you can honestly say, “I’ve been praying for you.”

Also remember, Christians have been befriending and converting, sometimes unto martyrdom of the converted, THEIR OWN CAPTORS. So if you end up in a camp, gulag or prison, REMEMBER YOUR CAPTORS. They might just be whom the Divine Providence was careening you towards all this time. From many of the Roman soldiers who saw Our Lord and His Passion, St. Longinus first among them, to the countless captors of Christians through the centuries who converted due to the example and charity of their captees, we MUST remain open to fraternal charity without being imprudent or gullible.

Bottom line: you have friends out there, somewhere, that you haven’t met yet. I promise. So, PRAY FOR THEM, EVERY DAY, STARTING TODAY. You won’t regret it. I promise.

I hope this helps.

St. Longinus, pray for us.

All converted captor saints, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and on Your Holy and Indefectible Church, in eclipse.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.