“A Silent and Dutiful Massacre”. Italian interview with an emergency physician confirms: Covidism is a religion and the DeathJabs are its anti-sacrament of initiation, designed to kill. Converts to Covidism suffer from pathological AGNOSIA- the inability to process information directly in front of them.

This interview comes over the transom from an Italian reader, and it confirms everything we have been discussing. The algorithmic translation is VERY clunky, but completely understandable. In Italy, 911 is “118” on the telephone.


Some key excerpts:

Doctor , what are the most troubling events you have witnessed during your 118 service from January 2021 to today?

They started by changing the words. Previously, those with previous illnesses were defined as “at risk”, which clearly denoted the fact that a whole series of drugs or treatments that were suitable for a healthy person, put these subjects at risk of serious adverse reactions. On the basis of the clinical history of the individual subject, the degree of risk with respect to the intake of a certain substance was established.

Today there are no longer people at risk: they have created a very broad category that includes everyone, and includes various pathologies, “Fragile”, like glasses and plates. This change of terms has completely reversed the situation: the frail go away with a breath of wind, they must be protected and immunized as soon as possible and before everyone else, and any drug, even experimental and dangerous, is fine for them. The “frail” group includes all those who had previous pathologies, such as diabetics, hypertension, cardiac, kidney and liver patients. In my experience as an emergency doctor I have found with certainty that “fragile” subjects , who have an organism already intoxicated, when they receive Covid vaccines go immediately to the other world. Or at least, it is difficult for them not to go there.

In your experience, how many?

In my experience as an ambulance doctor in my local ASL, mortality for frail people is about 70%.


For colleagues, the vaccine cannot give contraindications, there is just a gap, a void. They just don’t go looking for the symptom. Like they told us at the university , a disease you don’t know is a disease that doesn’t exist, meaning that if you don’t go looking for the symptoms, you can’t make the diagnosis.

This is why in Lazio we have made access to the records of vaccine side effects, and from January to today we are witnessing an exponential decline in reports, because hospitals decide a priori that there is no correlation. The report does not start from the clinic.

No, do you understand? The official data that comes out is that there are no side effects, there are one in eight million. I can say without hesitation that this is not true, because in every single shift I do in the ambulance I get at least one in these conditions.

Is it as if with the administration of the Covid experimental sera the immune system lowers its defenses, stopping to fight these pathologies that it had previously stabilized?

Just this morning I read, in the group of the Sardinia region of a chat of doctors to which I belong, that two colleagues have lost their mother to the same problem: a lymphoma, in both cases cured, which returned after the vaccine. “They killed them,” they are saying.

But none of your colleagues, in the ASL or in the hospital, has noticed this phenomenon? Did they ask themselves any questions?

But I’m explaining it to you, it’s not that they don’t care, it’s inconceivable to them the very idea that there could be any correlation. Yesterday I was talking to a member of the union, because we are fighting for 118, because we emergency doctors are undergoing treatment from the ASL that is unbelievable . You may not imagine it, but 118 is a service that is slowly and progressively being dismantled. Yet we are the ones on the front line, those of the famous white overalls that everyone has seen, but we know what it means to wear them, to suffer from unbearable heat, to end up on the ground when you have low blood pressure. And with those on , after taking Covid patients to the hospital,to make long journeys and endless waits under the sun, me and my nurse on duty, to have the ambulance sanitized , when sometimes eight other vehicles were waiting in front of us, because obviously the station was one in the whole city. Well, I was on the phone with a former 118 trade unionist colleague, who was very clear: “The FIMMG has embraced the cause of vaccines. We believe in it. If you didn’t, you’d be the only person in the whole union who didn’t. ” and I, who know that it is not true, that not all colleagues are vaccinated, I understood one thing, which I later found out: he resigned from 118 because now he also gives the injections. And there they get 5,000 euros a month, which is almost double what he got when he worked with us.

How did you treat Covid patients during the first wave?

I have dealt with just over a hundred of them. They are all healed. We treated them with Azithromycin and Ivermectin, and if we treated them at the beginning of the disease, they would get out of bed in three days, while when we were already taking them at an advanced stage, it took longer.

Of all the adverse effects you have witnessed, how many have been reported?

Not even one. I’m not the one who has to report, I can’t. The hospital doctor has to do it. But the latter does not know that it could be an adverse effect from the vaccine Covid, and even took the trouble to investigate (which they do not in any way) do not ascriv and the vaccine.

But why are they doing this? Has anyone “informally” imposed this taboo on him?

No. It is really agnosia: the problem does not exist for them, it must not exist.

“We believe in vaccines,” has become a psychological fact, a belief and therefore can not be challenged on a rational level. It is a creed.

Among your colleagues, in the environment, I do not say believe it or not, but at least we talk about this boom of adverse reactions?
No. You can’t talk, and do you know why? You will inevitably come to say something bad about the vaccine, and you can’t. First, because colleagues are all vaccinated, and therefore admitting that the vaccine is bad for them would be worth admitting to be life threatening every day. Therefore, a priori they do not accept this version of the facts: they made the choice to vaccinate themselves with their eyes closed, without inquiring beforehand, as if their health had the same value as an object bought on the street. If you speak ill of the vaccine you put them in trouble with themselves.
Again, the same psychological mechanism: could they ever admit to themselves that they have treated their health so lightly?
They never would.
This however is a huge obstacle to a possible remedy to the situation. They are carrying out a silent and dutiful massacre, protected above all by the silence of doctors and health professionals in general, who would be the only ones who have the qualifications to give credibility to the denunciation of what is happening.
A silent and dutiful massacre: you hit the mark.
It is much easier to believe in this god than to start asking questions, for this reason colleagues are accomplices, and in a different, but no less serious way, ordinary people too.
Many of us have been expelled from families, by the same psychological mechanism: having all rushed to get vaccinated, now how could they admit that we are right without admitting that they have put themselves and their children in danger?

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.