Oh, we’re winning, folks. New Covid Cult agitprop/comedy bit: “Poison Control centers overwrought with Ivermectin overdose poisoning!” I kid you not… 😂🤣

Read every word of this to see the shameless mendacity and pure evil of the Covidic Cult.

Then, SEND EVERYONE to my IVERMECTIN Q&A page for detailed acquisition and dosing instructions.

In fact, I would STRONGLY suggest copying the text of my page and saving it so that you can distribute the information even if my website is deplatformed by the Covidic Cult.

They’re trying to flood the propaganda space with the spectacular lies printed above precisely because Ivermectin is highly effective against not just the Holocough, but is a broad-spectrum anti-viral which has the clear potential to reduce the over-the-counter cold and flu remedy market by half OR MORE.

So stock up on “pig injections” and “pony paste” and LAUGH at the impotent flailings of the children of darkness.

Remember, the “super-scary pig injection” formula that we take orally by drinking it is 1% Ivermectin, 59% propylene glycol, 40% glycerol formal. Dose is 1mL per 110 pounds of body weight, monthly as prophylaxis; as a treatment 3 total doses at 48 hour intervals, for example 1.5mL on Monday, 1.5mL on Wednesday and 1.5mL on Friday. Remember, we humans simply take it orally by drinking it. And 1.5mL is roughly 1/3rd of a teaspoon. One dose is a relatively tiny quantity of liquid.





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