Q&A: But Ann, how can we possibly do the Lenten and Holy Week fasts? A: Don’t eat anything.

Q: paraphrased: “How do we do the Lenten and Holy Week fasts?”

A: On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday you simply…


It’s really very, very easy.

Folks, if you can’t do this without risking your life – and hear me now: “I MUST HAVE MY COFFEE BEFORE GOING TO WORK” is complete BULLSHIT- you need to see an endocrinologist or a liver specialist right away, because God Almighty didn’t create mankind to be non-functional without a tropical roasted bean beverage.  That addiction is YOUR hot mess, not some failure in God’s design of the human body, and I say this as a person who was introduced to proper Roman coffee almost a decade ago now. YOU DON’T NEED COFFEE.

I was a commodity futures trader who had to be “up and at-’em” a full hour hour before Chicago in my Denver timezone, and I NEVER drank coffee until I was shown actual Italian coffee, years after I walked away from the futures and options markets.

Getting your lazy, fat, white butt up and out of bed in the morning is called “ADULTHOOD”.

Some of us get it.

Many never do. And resent every indication of it when presented.

Now a word about drugs above and beyond caffeine because drug use is EXPLODING as the post-Christian west implodes.

What the mainstream calls “Bi-polar breaks” are almost always nowadays due to benzodiazepine DOWNSIDE psychotic breaks. NEVER EVER take ANY advice or counsel from a person who takes Benzos [Xanax, Prozac, Valium], first and foremost JORDAN PETERSON or any of his drug-addled groupies.  Everyone I know of who has had “cyclic” psychotic breaks has been a Benzo user. In fact, such people should be treated as reliable CONTRA-INDICATORS in EVERYTHING.  Run, not walk, in the opposite direction. Seriously. RUN. And if God Almighty gives you an opportunity to get out – SEIZE IT. A drowning man will drag you under and kill you if he possibly can.

JUST SAY “No” TO DRUGS, and to those who use them. Especially now.

Using psychiatric drugs is not normal, including prescription drugs.  Being psychotic is NOT NORMAL.  Being a rage monster is NOT NORMAL. Having had an exorcism is NOT NORMAL.  Being sexually perverted IS NOT NORMAL, nor is running with sex perverts. It is better to be alone than to keep bad company, including ONLINE. But really, who is EVER alone so long as they have Our Blessed Lord, His mother, the Co-Redemptrix, and the Communion of Saints?

Use prudence.  It is a virtue.  If in doubt, stick exclusively to the SAINTS and DOCTORS of the Church. Love PERSONALLY Our Lord. Contemplating His Passion is the fastest, surest way to this.  He loves you, personally, INFINITELY.  Look up at the stars and the countless galaxies.  He made them and placed them… totally for love of you. Fifty-two factorial. The cure to anxiety can be as simple as a standard deck of cards.

And YEP, I’m  totally advising anyone with spiritual uncertainties to totally eliminate the internet, INCLUDING MY WEBSITE AND PODCAST, and flee straight to the Co-Redemptrix and her most holy Rosary. Your eternal soul might just depend on it.

Fast. Pray. Shun bad company.

I hope this tough love helps. We don’t have any more time for the kid-glove treatment.

Mary, Co-Redemptrix, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.