Mailbag: Ivermectin pep talk from one of my old rancher cattle marketing clients

Hello Ann,

Hope this finds you well. As I always say, your writings are a blessing to me and my family — not to mention your prayers. Thank you. And right back at ya with the prayers. You are a warrior of our times and an incredibly smart one too!

Regarding Ivermectin, just a few things to pass along. As you’d guess, I’m a big believer and have found it to (almost miraculously) keep my large family healthy for many months now! During the peak of the “scare,” we all started taking one dose weekly for about 6 weeks then went to every other week. Now we just take it when the slightest little “bug” starts to show symptoms in our home. It works! The person feeling a little ill obviously takes it, then the rest of us take it for prevention since we all share the same space. Problem solved and life rolls on like normal.

Fortunately, I learned this trick about Ivermectin quite a while ago from a fellow rancher’s wife who is a nurse and was instructed to take it on the job as both prevention and treatment.

Although she had it provided to her in pill form, the protocols and results are obviously the same for the liquid livestock product we keep in the barn! And I, like you, have been dishing out doses for many around me. It’s quite rewarding actually.

Here are a few additional helpful tips I thought you might want to pass along:

* Take it on an empty stomach

* Human dose is the same as the cattle dose on the label – approximately 1cc (ml) per 110 pounds body weight (except it’s taken orally – not injected!)

* Example: approximately 1.5 cc (ml) for 165-pound person

(Remember folks, you don’t need to agonize over fractions of a milliliter. Just get in the ballpark. If you’re still anxious about dosage, go get a bottle of whatever pain reliever you keep in your medicine cabinet and look at the label. The recommend blanket dosage for people “over the age of 12” includes a 90 pound girl and a 240 pound man in the same cohort! Both get the same dose, and the girl isn’t overdosed, and the man isn’t underdosed. The dosage window on these drugs is WIDE. —AB)

* If you squirt your dose in a small cup of water and add a shot of lemon or lime juice, the Rx taste is non-existent.

* When feeling ill, take a dose, then skip a day, then take a second dose. Others exposed to you can do the very same thing.

* If a lot of illness is going around, nothing wrong with taking one dose once a week for several weeks… and if you still start showing some symptoms of a virus, simply do the “Day One and Day Three” treatments as well.

* When you go to a farm store to pick up a bottle (Noromectin and Ivermax are two common trade names) simply buy a couple of small syringes (3cc is perfect) and a few needles while you are there. That’s all you need to have your household equipped with this wonderfully cheap and effective remedy for a very long time!

* Regarding needles: any length will do, but try to get the 18 or 20 gauge size. Common sense says these finer needles punch a smaller hole each time in the rubber stopper and thus keep the bottle more “airtight” to improve shelf life. With such a small dose needed, you will be re-entering that stopper many, many times.

Thanks again, Ann, for all you do for all of us. Look forward to our paths crossing down the trail.



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