Nurse Claire checks in: Big Pharma playing both $ide$ – they are now gunning to develop an ANTIDOTE to $ave you from the immune $y$tem over-reaction from the poi$on quaccine.


Dearest Ann,

Now that the COVID vaccines have been in use for nearly 6 weeks, I thought I would check in & let you know what I’ve seen and heard.

As you & your readers know, the only two vaccines for COVID on the market (Pfizer & Moderna) utilize the new mRNA technology. Both “jabs” are being administered only under Emergency Use Authorization, not full FDA approval. One can make the argument that these shots are truly experimental. Zero long term studies have been conducted; therefore, no healthcare provider can tell you these are safe because we just don’t know. There’s lots of speculation, though, about effects on fertility as well as the potential for ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement). I cannot speak definitively about those things but what I can report is the side effects I’ve already seen.

Your readers have probably read media reports about the Miami OB/GYN who bled to death after his platelet count dropped precipitously following his first Pfizer vaccine dose. I can report that my colleagues across the country have seen similar scenarios (not necessarily ending in death). Numerous professional acquaintances have reported reduced platelet counts & enlarged spleens secondary to this vaccine, most likely related to a preservative, PEG (polyethylene glycol) present in both the Moderna and Pfizer shots. I predict we will see more of these sorts of reactions as the number of vaccinations increases (as well as anaphylaxis).

The people I personally work with have reported the following: profuse diarrhea, vertigo, facial numbness, facial nerve pain, arm pain, reduced mobility in the arm, extreme fatigue bordering on exhaustion, muscle aches, fever (some as high as 102 & 103 degrees), hives at the injection site (curiously this seems to be a delayed reaction occurring 8 days post-vaccination). I have one coworker whose vomiting was so severe she required hospitalization with IV fluid administration. Another colleague developed atrial fibrillation, and this is not the only incident of that that I have heard of. Several colleagues throughout the U.S have reported cardiac arrhythmias after the vaccine. A family member who is an RN in another city told me 75% of the people she knows who received the Moderna vaccine were very sick the next day and most of them could not work.

Of course, these are anecdotal reports but keep in mind these vaccines have only been in use for 6 weeks so anecdotal reports are all we have. The VAERS website (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) is also a source of information your readers can use. It, too, is anecdotal because it’s a self-reporting tool for patients as well as healthcare providers to report adverse events following vaccine administration. I’ve seen social media trolls trying to discourage people from visiting the VAERS website because it’s a self-reporting website. But remember, it is maintained by both the CDC and FDA to track adverse vaccine-related events. Read thru it and decide for yourself. Thus far, VAERS shows 181 deaths following COVID vaccination and nearly 8,000 occurrences of side effects severe enough to limit one’s activities of daily living.

Vaccine recipients (many of whom are healthcare providers themselves) are being told these side effects are “good” and show “that the immune system is working in response to the shot”. Can we please have some logic? I’ve learned in life that if something defies common sense, almost without exception its rubbish. Vomiting is not good…it’s a defense mechanism, the body’s way of rejecting something. Vomiting in response to this vaccine should not be chalked up to “good” and a positive sign. What stunning buffoonery on the part of those believing this lie! I’m sad to see how far we’ve fallen; the gaslighting of anyone who dares question this narrative is very real.

I don’t want to speculate or put out wild conspiracy theories, but yesterday I received an email from my employer that went out to all patient care providers in our health system. The email detailed an entire set of guidelines and protocols that have been developed to rapidly identify, triage, and treat people who may be suffering an allergic reaction to either of the COVID vaccines. If reactions are as rare as we are being told, then why is this necessary? If the allergic reactions are typical of other medication allergic reactions, why does a different set of standards exist? All things to make you wonder🤔

Regarding the ADE I mentioned earlier – the antibody dependent enhancement; Many scientists (almost all have been silenced & deplatformed) speculate that this vaccine will cause an enhanced response to the virus, meaning the antibodies produced will respond in a life-threatening manner when one is exposed to the virus in the wild. I have no idea if that will actually happen, but it has played out in all animal studies involving coronavirus vaccines so it is reasonable to fear such a thing in human vaccine recipients. I pray that it never comes to fruition because the consequences will be like the worst medical sci-fi horror one can imagine. Curiously, though, I read an article earlier this week that Merck has abandoned its attempts at producing a vaccine for COVID and instead will focus on “research into therapeutic drugs labeled as MK-7110 and MK-4482. The drugs aim to protect patients from the damage of an overactive immune response to the virus.” Really??? Is Merck playing 4D chess with its competitors who might be the cause of such hyper-immune responses, or is this a ploy to benefit Big Pharma on all sides, meaning one sells you the vaccine and the other one sells you the antidote? I don’t know and one can only speculate but it sure seems interesting.

I myself am avoiding this vaccine & I advise others to do the same. Sadly, several of my family members have chosen otherwise. Please pray for them and be assured of my prayers for you.

Yours in Christ,

Nurse Claire

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