Mailbag: Re: Sorry, but Karen, not “Karen” has a complaint


I have been following you for years, since you first started posting videos on YouTube. I greatly admire your intellect and ability to break things down so that people like myself have a better understanding of complex subjects. 

So, could you please explain why you now use the name “Karen” in such a derogatory manner on your website? It is my belief that it was the liberal media who chose to batter this name and propagate the idea that every woman who behaves terribly must be a “Karen”. Why have you also adopted this attitude? 

I am far from being perfect but I truly am not someone who gripes to a manager or thinks I am special or entitled in any way, My friends and family have reassured me that I do not look or act like a typical “Karen.” But, I can’t shake the embarrassment now of having to go by this name that I would never have chosen for myself in the first place. 

Did you have a nemesis named Karen years ago and you are now smearing the name on your website for revenge? I would greatly appreciate why you are continuing to drag my name through the mud.   




You should start a support group for all Karens (“busybody”), Tiffanys (“ditz”), and Britneys (“general trainwreck”).  

Taking it personally is just silly. If I were you, I’d own it. “I’m an old-school Karen. I do NOT want to speak to anyone’s manager.”  Think up witty one-liners.  Have a sense of humor instead of taking offense. It makes life MUCH easier. Believe me.

Also, unite your sufferings, mild though they may be, to Our Lord in His Passion, especially His scourging at the pillar, His crowning with thorns, His carrying of His Cross, and His Crucifixion.  He was mocked and insulted ruthlessly, personally, throughout His Passion.  Also consider how many times per day every day that Our Lord’s most holy Name is used as an expression of disgust – by His own children, no less. You have merely had your first name impersonally enter the lexicon as a generic term for a female GenX busybody. I’m confident that you can carry this micro Cross, and maybe even draw closer to Our Lord by contemplating His Passion because of it.

Fast and pray-


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.