Barnhardt Podcast #131: Do Not Eat The Sandwich!

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In this round-table edition of the Barnhardt Podcast, Ann is joined by Nurse Claire and Flight Surgeon Dr. Beep (who was on assignment on the moon at the time of this recording, and thus experienced a 2.5 second sound delay). Nurse Claire began with a stunning anecdote and warning to all about Life Insurance policies in the Coviet age. We then got updates from both on the REAL hospital occupancy situation, and the lies being told to incite panic and terror. We delved into the fraud of PCR tests, and the abject fraud of the so-called “vaccines”. Nurse Claire presented a tour-de-force recitation of statistics proving that the collateral damage from the Coviet “new normal” is already orders of magnitude worse than even the mendacious Covid statistics themselves. Remember folks: DON’T BE ALARMED BY DEATH OR PARALYSIS RESULTING FROM THE TOTALLY SAFE VACCINES. DEATH AND PARALYSIS ARE TOTALLY NORMAL AND NO CAUSE FOR PANIC.

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