Coviet Death Cult: Woman puts her husband down like a dog, NO ONE BATS AN EYE

Reportage HERE.

So nurses can just unilaterally kill their spouses by lethal injection? Just waltz into the hospital room and order a lethal dose of Ativan and morphine and everyone’s totally fine with that? That’s where we are now?

Oh, it’s fine. I can kill him because he’s my husband.”

The beneficiary to your life insurance policy and heir to your estate can now openly kill you?

I’m wondering if an how many other people Nurse Wretched unilaterally decided to put down. Because if she could put her HUSBAND down like a dog, imagine how easy it would be for her to put down strangers. And call herself virtuous and charitable for doing so.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.