Mailbag: Coup Edition

Hi Ann!

I’m a volunteer with my local GOP in a hotly contested battleground state. We were tasked with helping the GOP reconcile registered Republican voters with whether or not they were able to successfully vote either via absentee or in person. When finished with calls we record any voter stories of fraud, irregularities, etc.

I spoke to a very informed voter in the state’s second-largest city who claimed he went to vote in person on Election Day, and was handed a Spanish ballot (he was, judging by his name and totally American accent, not Hispanic). He said the ballot just looked odd to him. When he complained and asked for an English ballot, he was met with resistance. Irritated, he went home and dug through his junk mail hoping to find the absentee ballot he was sent by the state even though he did not request it. He filled out the absentee ballot and went back to his polling location to hand it in. The same polling worker gave him a hard time until a supervisor walked over and finally accepted the ballot after he vehemently demanded it be counted.

Another man I spoke to also said he encountered resistance and overall unhelpfulness at the polls.

Both men I spoke to said how enthusiastic the state had been for Trump, and were incredulous at what was happening.

Speaking to colleagues in another hotly contested battleground state, according to their internal numbers from door knocking, phone banking and polling, the State should be  leaning heavily to Trump yet many in the mainstream media have called it for Biden.

In the same state, I did my own research on the largest county’s clerk website of voting data — previously recorded ward voter turn out data had been scrubbed to blank and the date reflected the day *before* the Election. On the Secretary of State’s website, it links to what it refers to as ‘important voter information’ and you get an Error page. Just interesting to note…

Please tell your listeners to pray the Saint Michael’s prayer for our President, and petition Our Lady of Sorrows to reveal any hidden malfeasance. 


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