For my own protection: Someone is fraudulently ordering stuff from Home Depot using my identity and old address

I learned long ago that when nefarious, criminal stuff starts happening, TELL SOMEONE IMMEDIATELY.

If you’re famous, call a press conference. If you’re not famous, be as public as you can be.

Someone in Ellsworth, Maine is ordering stuff using my identity. This COULD be some sort of attempt at a frame-job. I don’t know. This is 100% fraudulent, and the last time I was anywhere near Maine was ARSH 1982 when I visited Marshfield, Massachusetts. And I have not owned the property nor lived in Colorado for 7.5 years, nor had the Colorado phone number shown since early ARSH 2013.

Note the criminal got the county wrong: Lone Tree is in Douglas County, not Jefferson.

If anyone wants to research this, feel free.

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