Urgent warning about the Hunter Biden child p**n which is swiftly forthcoming.

First, let me get out ahead of events, if I may. Hunter Biden didn’t commit suicide. And if he did, it was in the “Frank Pentangeli after Tom Hagen’s visit” sense.

Folks, CUSTODY OF THE EYES. Things once seen can never be unseen. Visual media is a PRIMARY vector for demonic oppression. Do not look at satanic images. I am not going to.

There’s a big difference between reading a simple description of something, and actually looking at it. My advice is, DON’T LOOK, not in the sense of not acknowledging it – we must ALL acknowledge this – but to prevent any demonic entrée through your eyes and visual cortex.

What do satanic pedophiles look like, act like? Like this. They walk among us, passing as completely normal, and in many cases such as the Biden family, “elite”.

Third point: It has been public knowledge that Hunter Biden was a criminal sex pervert deserving imprisonment and execution according to Divine and Natural Law. The stripper he fathered a child with reported that Hunter Biden particularly enjoyed being sodomized with mechanical devices by strippers. If you still don’t get why “what people do behind closed doors” really, really matters, and why Divine Law holds sodomy as a capital crime, then I can’t help you. In case you might have forgotten, you are out of work, under house arrest, martial law, are required to veil your face, and aren’t permitted to worship the One True God in the One True Church by edict of Hunter Biden’s caste. If you think the fact that these people are satanic sex perverts with a taste for children isn’t directly related to this, then again, I cannot help you. Come back when you’re ready to face reality like a man.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.